The Network Marketers Guide to the Internet Galaxy Part 2 by Tammy Dickinson

Tammy Dickinson“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Are you starting to feel that way about your Network Marketing business as you used to know it? What happened to the good ‘ol days of inviting friends and neighbors over for a “dinner meeting” with a little business on the side? Or how about those “Let’s meet for coffee” napkin presentations? I mean there are books written on this stuff right? What about those nights away from home and long drives in the car to the next “presentation” for the downline? “We have to show our support and make sure that our downline is growing!” Well as Mr. Lucas so eloquently put it, “A long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away…..” Now that was leading edge right there. That movie blew the doors off of the movie industry and changed it forever. Yep, tell me someone that doesn’t know who said, “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope!”, and I’ll show you someone that has spent their last 20 years without electricity!  NULL Seriously though, from the Internet Galaxy perspective we have truly come a long, long way baby! The evolution of the horse and wagon was marked in history never to return in the masses of transportation after the invention of the automobile, and then came the plane, the Concord, and the rocket to reach places we would never have been able to reach, visit, or touch before. And this is precisely what the Internet has done for us.

The Galaxy of Network Marketing has become a Universe of Possibility.

No longer do we have to rely on physically traveling to a place to hold trainings, meetings, or do our recruiting. Most of you have learned how to do 3-way calls over the last 10 years for those long distance upline/downline calls. Almost everyone has this feature on their phone these days. Network Marketers have used this tool for years. In the last 5 years many of you have ventured online with Network Marketing companies, taking technology seriously, and bringing your company website to view and visit instead of having to drive to the Home Office. Allowing you to buy product, and send your prospects to learn read more on their own time and in the words that you don’t have to make up because they are right there direct from your company. Even the personal duplicated website was cutting edge and everyone had to have one. Very smart advances from the Xerox generation of information and hallelujah for that! Remember all the reams and reams of paper and boxes of cassette tapes you hauled around? Whew, just thinking about it wears me out! Now you have can have your very own website with you picture, name, and same company professionalism and you get the credit for what happens on there. Very cool stuff. They are getting better and better all the time. Much better than passing out flyers and putting up 3 x 5 cards to try and get customers, for sure! In the last 3 years, we have found ways to bring the entire planet Earth to our home office and break the barriers of time, travel, and schedules. With the inventions of the Webcam and Instant Messaging services, you can literally talk to someone just like you were there with them. They can see you and talk to you and you them. For free! Imagine what that does for the time saving continuum! Not to mention the money saving that this can afford you is incredibly valuable. “Let’s chat!” used to mean sitting in the soda fountain shop with a good root beer float. Today, “Let’s chat!” means, “Do you Yahoo? MSN? AOL? Google Talk? Skype? Or ICQ?” We are not content these days with the pace of the horse and buggy. No, with the “I want it now” generation, we have come to expect things in “real time.” Real time is something that this planet has not ever had to deal with on a large scale until now. We were used to waiting. What choice did you have? We waited for the sales tools to be written. Then we waited for them to be printed. Then we waited for them to be mailed and brought to us by the good old Postman. Then we waited to find a way to meet up with that incredible contact somewhere else. Hurry up and wait – that was the way of the past. Forget it if you had a new lead in New Zealand, right?

But now? We are at the speed of the Internet Galaxy!

Online “networks” form and grow naturally in many ways. No longer is your business dependent on your “warm market” or the one that you can “touch.” If you want to be successful on the internet you need to know everything you can about creating a network, plugging into a network and growing a network. The fundamental basics about the internet are that it is ‘global’, ‘intangible’ and it is composed of ‘networks’. This is something you will want to commit to memory. GLOBAL… INTANGIBLE…. NETWORK.

The size of your ‘net-worth’ online, will be directly related to the size of your ‘Network’.

Being global and intangible allows your Inter-Network to become without boundaries. How do you keep up with such possibilities and be successful? Inter-Network Marketers have become more and more savvy not only to Internet chat programs, but they are finding out that if you want to move at the speed of your downline’s network you have to be hooked up to at least one of these nifty programs. I happen to use 6! That’s because my ‘network’ is worldwide, and everyone has a chat program they prefer. So I use them all now. In fact I use a program to bring all of them together in one spot. They are easy to get. I want to give you easy ways to find these programs and get familiar with the new way of talking to your prospects and teams. Go get at least one of these today, maybe two. You’ll also become familiar with words like “Emoticons, Avatars, and Audibles”. These are the new age versions of communication. This new world of communication can take on a humorous if not cartoonish characteristic since you are using ‘virtual’ emotions to communicate what the keyboard can’t do in just text. Ingenious little ways of humanizing the typed words have evolved into these fun tools. All of these types of tools are included in most IM (Instant Messenger type programs) these days. Emoticons: Button-like faces or images that have expression and movement. Avatars: These are like cartoon resemblances of who you want to represent you. Audibles: These are fun characters that when you click on them they say something you want to say to the other person in chat. Otherwise, the webcam and a microphone will bring YOU into their world and that is a great way to keep your face in front of people and allow them to ‘hear’ you just like you were on the phone. Ahhh, I love technology! In order of usage by people that I know, (and this order has changed over even just the last year with growth and popularity) here they are: Yahoo Messenger: Fun, friendly, cute (yes, I did use the word cute – making it entertaining and more conversational than most other programs) and with features galore, including over the computer phone calls! Go to: Skype: The fastest growing chat program on the planet. Not frilly like Yahoo, but has different functionality. Like being able to send longer messages in one chat ‘send’, easy file transfers, and ability to search for contacts based on location, language, and other criteria right from your chat program. Many Inter-Network Marketers are fast becoming a fan of Skype. This too does international calls over the PC. Go to: MSN Messenger: Touted as the World’s most popular IM (instant messenger) network, this is a powerful chat program like the others but with a couple of very unique and useful features like folder sharing (creating a folder to put things you want someone else to access that you give permission and no one else) as well as desktop sharing. That means that I can help someone else in Australia that can’t figure out how to do something on their PC from my home office and all they do is w
atch you do it on their computer, from yours. Really a very cool feature! Fun little emoticons, avatars, and audibles too! Go to: Google Talk: The new kid on the block of chat programs, but of course the Google giant had to come up with a very functional and easy to use chat program. This would be the answer to simple. No silly or fun frills, but you can make PC to PC calls for free and that rocks! All you need is a microphone like the other chat programs. The catch is you have to have a Gmail account or Google account to use this chat program. But if you do have one, check this new program out. Go to:


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