The NOW Generation – A Prime Audience by Awnya Boam

Awnya BoamThese young adults are the future of your business. It is an ever growing group that if you ignore now, will only hurt you later.  Did you know that 1/5th of the population of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain are under 30 years old? Did you also know that a survey conducted by the Direct Selling Association shows that the age group ranging from 18 to 30 years old only represents 21% of the national sales force? What does this mean to you and your business? The under 30 age group is virtually untapped. This is a huge segment of buyers and future distributors just waiting for you! The secret is knowing a little more about Generation Y so that you know how to make your business appeal to them and how to support them once they are a part of your organization.

Generation Y is highly ambitious. They have grown up to stories of teenage millionaires. They are just looking for the right opportunity.

 NULL To make your business appeal to these up and coming superstars, you need to appeal to them on their level. Generation Y (or the NOW generation) tends to be impatient. They are used to being stimulated and entertained. They are constantly bombarded with advertisements and commercials. Information is available at the click of a button and now they can even get that information on their cell phones from virtually anywhere! If they do not see value in something, they will quickly move along to find it somewhere else. In your communications, you need to versify. Use Social Networking sites to keep in contact with your customers, associates, prospects and team. Incorporate technology in your meetings, websites and presentations. Something as simple as a short video or PowerPoint presentation will appeal to younger people and be a great change of pace for someone a bit older. On a more personal level, these young adults are full of energy and enthusiasm. They are a great boost to the energy level of your organization and great for personal motivation as well.

While they are not consciously looking for a role model, an example of “how it’s done” is always appreciated and they will look to you with your experience and success to show them the way.

Knowing it is important to show them the way is a great way to keep you motivated and working hard. These young adults are the future of your business. It is an ever growing group that if you ignore now, will only hurt you later. As the 18-30 age group grows older their buying power will increase significantly. They are a prime audience since their careers are just beginning. Because they are just starting out, they may be looking for a way to make the money they need without working at a traditional job. This makes Network Marketing and Direct Sales the answer they are looking for. As you become more aware of these wonderful young people and what motivates them, your business will begin to expand and grow. You will harness a great strength to not only your business, but your future success. Awnya Boam


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