The Older I become, the more I quote Jim Rohn by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvert“What if the event you DON’T attend was the ONE for YOU?”  I am one of the many “students” who owns every Jim Rohn training program that was ever produced. Like many others, I have literally listened to thousands of hours of Jim’s training over the years. I’ve not only attended a couple of his events, but I can truly say that over the years I have been a “student” of Jim Rohn. Probably a day doesn’t go by that I don’t quote Jim when speaking with a coaching client or network marketing company owner.

One of my favorite quotes, and something I have been thinking a lot about lately is; “What if the event you don’t attend was the one for you?”

As I look back over the last 30 years there have definitely been “events” that were turning points in my career. The event that made the difference.  NULL

One of those was way back in 1982 when I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to attend my first live Jim Rohn event. I give all the details of that life changing day at and I think it is worth you reading. In this article I want to expand a little more on the quote I mentioned before. “What if the event you DON’T attend was the ONE for YOU?”

Nothing can replace the emotion and energy of a live event, NOTHING!

We live in a world today where most marketers probably attend at least one webinar a week, if not more. I love the technology and many of you may not know that at one time I owned one of the first three webinar companies in the world, a company called Orbitalk nearly ten years ago. I think webinars, are probably the most important technology to be introduced into the network marketing market place in my life time. All companies and distributors should be using a system like Live Online Meetings to expand and grow their organizations. I personally conduct several generic training webinars every month. I am fearful that webinars are replacing live events. Over the past 30 years I have traveled all over the world and spoken at over 1,000 live events. I have attended hundreds more. When I was building my team, missing a company sponsored event within a day’s drive or flying to two National Conferences a year was not an option. Missing was simply not allowed, for myself or my team.

If we look at the strongest, largest, most powerful companies in the network marketing industry, they were all built around live events.

Teaching distributors how to “build for events” is never talked about any more. Live events do not have the appeal that they once did, and I know that is a mistake. Live Events:

  • * Build Relationships with like minded people distributors from different parts of the country and world that you would never have.
  • * Done correctly, live events can create “life changing” emotion
  • * Company conventions are your Super Bowl and should be treated as such.

I can look back on 3 separate live events in my life, when I was so overcome with emotion I just sat there and cried like a baby. I know from experience that events can create “life changing emotion”. Did you hear what I said?

I am not talking about attending and having fun, or a good time, I am talking about LIFE CHANGING emotion!

As an industry I think it is time that we put more emphasis on attending live events. I think company owners need to understand the sequential patterns necessary to create a life changing event for their distributors. Attending your companies corporate conventions and every event within driving distance should become mandatory. Companies and leaders that embrace this philosophy will build dynamic teams, families, that cannot be broken apart. As Jim Rohn said: “What if the event you DON’T attend was the ONE for YOU?”

I loved Jim Rohn because he understood the human, emotional aspects of team building and business.

He will be missed, but with the efforts of those who knew him and his philosophies, he will live on.


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