The One “Habit” That Can Make You Bullet Proof, Happy, and Successful! by Lisa Jimenez

Lisa JimenezWhen you master “Self-Love”, you create a mind-set of service. There’s nothing to prove. There’s no need to attach your pin level with your value. One of the best rewards we experience in our industry is the privilege of making a difference. But, what about the times when you don’t feel like you made a difference? What about when a prospect says no; or a customer cancels their auto order; or a distributor quits and you feel betrayed, rejected or just burned out? Then what? In 2002, after signing a consulting contract with a Network Marketing company and giving all my time and focus to it, the company closed its doors. In 2003, after an 18 year marriage, my former husband said he wanted to be single. In 2005, after investing most of my savings into real-estate investments, 3 of the 5 properties were foreclosed and sold in a short sale. NULL

Then what? What I can share with you is this: It was from those circumstances that I was given a miraculous opportunity to access the most powerful “habit” of life and business success… A habit that will make you bullet proof, happy and successful.

And that is the “habit” to choose “Self-Love and a sold-out Belief in Myself”.

I’ve been a consultant and business coach to top leaders in our industry for the past 20 years and have witnessed the power of “Self-Love” and “Belief in Self” to transform any negative circumstance, rejection, failure or burn out. LOVE is the most powerful force on the planet. It was a LOVE for your product that got you to take a look at the opportunity. It’s a LOVE for making a difference that inspired you to join your company.

Love is the most important “habit” you can cultivate for your business and life to transform any negative circumstance. And, “Self-Love” is a DECISION.

That was the DECISION I got to make when faced with my family, career, marital and financial “failure”. What about you? What circumstance, rejection or failure are you STILL HOLDING on to? The MIND makes things up. The MIND makes up that if a ‘bad’ circumstance happens, then life is bad (or you are bad). The MIND makes up that if it has a moment of happiness, life is good and you are good. We are SO flippin attached to circumstances! (And, it’s all crap!) Self-Love is NOT tied to circumstances. It is NOT tied to other people’s opinions. Self-Love is not tied to your accomplishments. Self-Love is a DECISION… A DECISION to Honor the Creation called “You” just because “You” exist.

There is nothing you have to do or become to have Love. So, why not DECIDE to Believe that? And let go of ‘proving yourself’, ‘being right’, or your insatiable need to attach your value to your pin level and achievements.

What if you decided to just LOVE what you do? To love your product and the results it gets; love offering your opportunity to others; love the process and the journey of growing your business empire! And, what if you decided that what “happens to you” is NOT YOU! You are not your circumstances. You are not rejection or failure. You are not what happens to you. Who you REALLY are is Pure Possibility! Now, on that foundation, what would your life look like? What could you create? What contribution would you be? WOW! The possibilities are endless. That’s the world I invite you to live in. And that IS the world I live in today… I have an amazing career that fulfills me and lights me up! Through my books, speaking engagements and Mastermind Retreats I get to empower my clients to create ‘their best life’… I sit on the board of an exciting new Network Marketing Company and enjoy building, coaching and being a part of the company’s success… I enjoy a delicious relationship with the man of my dreams and love rich and stimulating conversations with my kids, family and friends… I’m reinventing my financial portfolio and have several exciting projects we’re participating in…

And, all of this was created from a DECISION; The decision to “Love”. When that decision becomes a HABIT, you’ll have the mind-set you need to overcome ANY setback and get on with creating your successful, fulfilling, rich and delicious life!

If I lost it all today, I know I’d be okay. Because circumstances, other people, failure or even success, do not define me. I Am pure possibility! I Am loved by the One Who Created Me. And that’s enough for me! What about you? It’s such an honor to contribute to The 6th Annual Woman’s issue of Network Marketing Magazine. When I was asked to write on this month’s topic, “Habits That Lead to Success” I knew how vital and timely the message of, “Make Love a Habit” is for each one of us. When you master “Self-Love”, you create a mind-set of service. There’s nothing to prove. There’s no need to attach your pin level with your value. You just want to serve others and make a difference for them… because that’s who you are! Once you have the mind-set of “Self-Love”, nothing can keep you from creating (and often, recreating) your success in any economy, under any company changes and with any circumstances you face. To your “Authentic” Success, Lisa Jimenez M.Ed. PS If this article resonated with you, you can read the complete message in, “Don’t Mess With the Princess!” Lisa’s newest best-selling book and audio program is available at: Order your copy TODAY. Bulk purchase pricing is available. (Make sure you request an autographed copy. Lisa will write a special message for you!)


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