The One “Habit” That Can Make You Bullet Proof, Happy, and Successful! by Lisa Jimenez

When you master “Self-Love”, you create a mind-set of service. There’s nothing to prove. There’s no need to attach your pin level with your value. One of the best rewards we experience in our industry is the privilege of making a…

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Lisa Jimenez

I’m a mom of three fab kids, a blushing new bride to JJ, an opera singer in the shower, and I’m obsessed with mastering the ukulele for my “future” grand babies!
I love fearless living, luxury travel, stimulating conversations, and inspiring myself and others to unleash our gifts and share them with the world.
But It wasn't always this way...
I was raised in the small town of Paradise, California and went to Catholic school for eight years.
It was there that Sister Colletta told me I was given spiritual gifts and I was anointed. When I shared this news with others they would say, “Are you sure she didn’t say annoying?”
As you can imagine (and maybe even relate), I learned to hide my gifts ~ especially the spiritual ones ~ at a very early age.

I went along in life and did just fine. Graduated from college, married my high school sweetheart, taught elementary school for several years, started a new business and built it to six figures. I did well. And I was happy. But something was missing.

I did well. I was happy. But something was missing...
And then, just after my fortieth birthday, my husband of eighteen years shared that he no longer wanted to be married to me. I was instantly catapulted into a journey of self-discovery with one simple desire: To survive!
That divorce rocked my world and broke me up. But something beautiful happened, too. The brokenness of my heart allowed new cracks of light to shine through. The ‘perfect’ clear window pane of my life now had stains of every color on it.
But the greatest gift of all was that in that time of sorrow I got to the depths of myself. And at that place of rock-bottom, I found life. Some people say it’s a glimmer of hope. But mine was more like a laser beam! That laser beam was a beacon of light that showed me the way out.
My way out of that pain was to surrender. I completely let go of trying to fix, understand, or control. I stopped resisting. And started trusting. I trusted with everything in me. Thirty five years before this surrendering I was told that I was anointed and divinely guided.
But it wasn't until that day that I chose to believe it.
That one decision changed everything. The pain was gone and replaced with new levels of freedom, self-expression, boldness, and authentic power.
It’s been nearly fifteen years since I made the decision to surrender. I’ve traveled the world talking about it. Hosted dozens of Rich Life Mastermind Retreats teaching it, written books and (what seems like) zillions of articles and blogs sharing it and helped thousands of people transform their lives applying it. AND… I met and married JJ, the man of my dreams.
Surrender Unleashes Your Authentic Power. Letting go of what you think you know. Unlearning what no longer serves you. Surrendering reality for your greater vision.
Whether you’re starting a new business or launching the next level in your existing one, I can teach you how to access your authentic power and craft a vision and business plan that align with your ultimate desire to grow your business and make a greater impact on the world.
I believe that through our collective power we will unleash that side of you that is…
Bold. Daring. Limitless.
I believe that you’re not doing anyone any favors by playing small. So be prepared to harness your inner MoJo and shine brightly. The world is waiting for you!
If you are ready to join a tribe of unapologetic, ambitious entrepreneurs who are willing to be great, ready to serve, and excited to ignite change, come on in!
Lisa Jimenez

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