The One Thing You Need to Sell Firstl by Paul Morris

Paul MorrisShow a genuine interest in the wants, needs and desires of your prospect and watch your business explode.  You had better sell them this… BEFORE you sell them your product. If you do not sell this first… they most likely will not buy your product. We are talking about the potential customer (or distributor) being SOLD ON YOU!

Whether the potential customer is a friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker or a total stranger, they want to be sold on you before they buy a product or join a program.

They want to know that they have someone to explain how they should use the product (or service) and to be able to answer any questions about the product and they want to know that they have an advocate in case they are not satisfied with the product and want to lodge a complaint or get their money back. They know they can get in touch with you, (most likely even know where you live) but they may wonder whether they could ever get in touch with the company. NULL

So immediately begin to establish and develop a RELATIONSHIP where you let them know they will be your CLIENT and that you will be there to explain how to use the product, answer any questions they may have and also let them know that you will personally guarantee their satisfaction with the product or YOU will personally give them their money back! I have been making that offer for over thirty years and believe that has been one of the keys to my success. Number one – it causes them to believe that you believe in the product or otherwise you would not make that offer and number two – it eliminates any risk on their part and makes them willing to give it a try. It also gives great incentive on your part to follow through and make sure they are satisfied with the product. (so that you don’t have to give them their money back)

As a general rule people buy from people they like, so practice your people skills and watch your business grow.

Three great books to help you become proficient at developing relationships are How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Skill with People by Les Giblin, and How to Develop Power and Confidence in Dealing with People also by Les Giblin. Your success in Network Marketing as well as almost any business is going to be the direct result of you being able to establish and develop long lasting relationships with your customers and distributors. A number of years ago a survey was conducted of people involved in Multi-Level Marketing. They were asked why they had joined particular groups of people who were building MLM programs; they answered that it gave them a “feeling of belonging”. Realize that owning your own Network Marketing business is like owning a restaurant. Your customers arrive at your restaurant hungry and are looking for things on the menu that will satisfy their hunger. If they are hungry for Italian food and you have no Italian dishes on the menu, or if they want a vegetarian dinner and you have no vegetarian selections they will most likely never come back again.

In your Network Marketing business your prospects come to you hungering for attention, recognition, encouragement, someone to mentor them and show them what to do, and that special “feeling of belonging”. If they find any or all of the above then they know the money will follow.

So realize this one truth… people buy you first, and then they buy the product; they chose to have a relationship with “you”… the company and the product just came along with the package. So show a genuine interest in the wants, needs and desires of your prospect, encourage them, extend your friendship and offer to mentor them and watch your business explode. Note: There are many ways to build your business online where you may not get the opportunity to meet your prospect face to face. In this case you will want to do much of this via telephone or email. To be more efficient with your time you may want to do online training and mentoring via conference calls and webinars, but the basic principles still apply.


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