The People Factor by David Nelson

David NelsonIn joining NWM, “people do buy into and join people” but there is more to it than that!  “Sincerity is no test of truth – no evidence of correctness of conduct. You may take poison sincerely believing it the needed medicine, but will it save your life?” – Tyron Edwards Relationships matter in NWM. People are indeed a factor. NWM is truly about people. George Madiou says that our theme for February 2009 is “People buy into and join people, not companies and products.” NWM is a people business. NWM is a relationship business. And, there ARE products, and companies, and systems, and compensation plans. The NWM Frog Fairytale In pondering this topic and looking in a “relationships” resource file, Jeffrey Babener’s “Network Marketing and Frogs” fairytale caught my eye. He wrote the tale like this: NULL

You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince. That’s the job and you’ve got to kiss ‘em. You can’t mail them a kiss. You can’t stay in the office and wait for them to hop in and kiss you. You can’t let advertising change them into princes. You can’t ask your secretary to kiss them. You can’t kiss the same one 40 times. You can’t spend all of your time in kissin’ school. You’ve got to spend time with frogs and you’ll find them out there in the marshes. Then… when you find one… you’ve got to make contact. Remember kissing is a contact sport. That is, if you really want to meet a prince.

Babener says that the moral is: “…in a high-tech, high-touch world, high touch wins every time.”

{Money Maker’s Monthly, December 2003, Vol. 18 Issue 12, p. 20.} Clearly people “buy into and join people” in NWM. However important that is, when you join a NWM program, you also “buy into” a company, “buy into” products, “buy into” systems and “buy into” a compensation plan. Fortunately, most NWM products are great products. Following the Leader Sandra Kurtzi suggests, “Power is your ability to be a leader and get people to follow.” There are lots of powerful leaders in NWM. They are of the 3% category – an exclusive club. Big-time money earners often called the “heavy hitters.” Most of them like to lead other full-time career professionals. That is of course fun and profitable. But, what of the 97% contingent of the industry? You know – the part-time networkers? Who gives them high-touch care? Who “kisses” them and turns them into a “prince or princess”? It’s surely not the systems, or everyone would be making great money and not primarily the systems providers. Making Money NWM is an opportunity industry. It’s a distribution business built upon “word-of-mouth” marketing and referral marketing. That’s terrific because most participants are part time and they can do that high-touch marketing. They create brand awareness and develop consumers of great products. The actress, Suzy Parker said, “I do everything for a reason, most of the time the reason is for money.” Just like the heavy hitters, part-time networkers get involved in NWM because they want to make money. Unfortunately, most don’t. That’s obviously confirmed by the reputation that NWM has earned.

Part-timers making money certainly involves the “people factor.” Part-timers may not have the power to lead like the 3% group, but they want others to “buy into them and join them” none-the-less.

For part-time networkers to make money, there is more to it than the products, and the company, and the people with whom they join. There really is! Part-timers must have a compensation plan designed to help them make money on their part-time efforts. No amount of high-touch or people factor overcomes the futility of a part-time networker working a compensation plan that is designed for the heavy hitter… the 3% group. And even though very sincere, acting without appropriate knowledge and understanding, the “poison” is certainly no medicine or remedy enabling the part-timer to make money. There is no question that people join people, and if part-time networkers want to make money the compensation plan is very critical. Part-timers must work a compensation plan designed to facilitate them making money… not one designed for the 3% hitters. Trusting People Trust is a critical element in creating relationships. When you have trust in someone, you believe and have confidence in him or her. You rely on that individual for truth and fairness. Look at the word “trust.” You see the word “us” in trust. Trust comes about because of interpersonal association. Clearly that is more than just a company… more than a line of products.

Trust is nurtured through genuine attention and personal involvement.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Getting people to like you is only the other side of liking them.” “Trust is a calculated risk made with one’s eyes open to the possibilities of failure, but it is extended with the expectation of success.” Robert Levering quotation speaks of risk. There is risk in NWM. People trust networkers. The expectation is for financial success. That financial success must be extended to the 97% of our business. Of course, the people factor is huge. Make no mistake about it, for the part-timer, compensation plans really do matter. They must understand them to trust them. Popularity Clarence Darrow exclaimed, “Popular positions aren’t always the right position.” Conversely, the right position is not always popular. It would be the right position in NWM for the part-time networkers to make money. Hey, I’m not talking about $10,000 or $50.000 per month. But they should be able to make between $300 and $1,000 per month on their part-time work. If that ever were to happen for a majority of part-timers, NWM would indeed become popular! In joining NWM, “people do buy into and join people.” For part-timers who desire to make money in the business, that is NOT the most important factor.


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