The Power of Why by Bill Holderby

bill-holderbyWhen you know why you’re doing something and you attach that ‘why’ to an emotion, you have just harnessed the greatest power within! Many people in life are always looking for how to achieve something like success or some other big goal. However, what many people fail to do is to harness the unbelievable power that resides within each of us. Unfortunately, we use this power several times in our lives, but are seldom conscious of its overriding power or force which can literally driving us towards our desired goal or outcome. Witness the man who falls in love with a women, and yet the women does not feel the same way. Nevertheless, filled with this wonderful power that resides deep inside, the man rises up, faces all of his obstacles and continues to push through, above and around each obstacle finally ending up with what he set out for… his beautiful bride. Or maybe it is the person who must complete their homework assignment and has put it off for the last 6 weeks and finally it is due the next morning. The student stays up all night in a massive effort to get it done and turned in on time.  NULL So what is this power? It is the power of why!

When you know why you’re doing something and you attach that why to an emotion, you have just harnessed what I call the greatest power within.

You see, a cause tied to an emotional part of you will always generate more strength and courage in the face of any obstacle because you have declared it so. If you find yourself falling short or succumbing to obstacles then I submit to you that your why is not big enough or tied emotionally enough to that which you think you want. Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Sylvester Stallone— I could keep on going. What each of these men had in common was an unmistakable why. They all had obstacles and some were seemingly insurmountable. Yet each of these men went on to accomplish things that mere mortals would not have ever thought possible. When I got involved with my current MLM company, Innerlight, it was not really my choosing. It was the opportunity choosing me. I had lost my father to a massive heart attack 9 years earlier and had just lost my mom to health problems a few months earlier. When I found a company that had a product that was life altering and realized had I had this product 15 years ago, my parents could still have been alive today, knowing what I was learning now… that was it! My why was formed. Too many people were dying and suffering needlessly and I knew that I could achieve massive financial success by taking on a massive goal to educate and enlighten people on health at a level that very few know. I have since added to my list of Whys in that I also want to do something to help homeless children in Mexico. My wife is from Mexico and having visited Mexico an average of once or twice a year since we were married in 1992, I realized there was a problem down there that was not being given a lot of attention. I had the chance to experience a life-changing event when I held a young girl who was found out on the street parentless and who could not talk at the age of 6. My heart was heavy and my mind made up to become wealthy enough to do something very big to help children in these situations. I am still on that journey and it fuels me whenever I feel an obstacle in front of me.

So if you are looking for success, financially or otherwise, find your why, or maybe you have several.

When you develop your why, make sure it is linked to something that has you emotionally. Make sure that it is not just something you want, but something that resides deep down inside your heart and soul. Make sure it is what will get you to move through any obstacle that comes across your path.

Make sure you unleash the power of WHY.



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