The POWER Road by Doug Firebaugh

Doug FirebaughA new year, a new POWER We begin year two with a new column by Doug Firebaugh. Let Doug’s passion light the fire within YOU to reveal your power  Ok. I’ll admit it. I was a little skeptical about The Network Marketing Magazine when I got a call from John Fogg and George Madiou. Everyday it seems that there is a new “training of the month” and a new trainer with the answers. There is nothing wrong with that, but from what I have heard, there is a proliferation of new “training stuff” out there that really does not measure up as they say. I figured that the stories and trainings would be from some of these venues, and the NWM Magazine would be around for 6 -8 months… maybe. Boy I was wrong. Dead wrong! There has been not only a great deal of training in this magazine that is high quality, but also some great “hidden gems” I have not seen before in Network Marketing.  NULL Where these guys found it, I do not know, but I hope that they continue to bring forth that great material. I have truly been blessed by a lot of the articles and trainings in this online magazine, and am glad that this new venture is celebrating their first birthday. I believe that this is the first of many to come. Count on it. The name of this particular column is “The POWER Road.”

Simply it is about operating your networking business with the Power that you have on the inside that your Creator put in you, and Succeeding at a much larger and faster pace.

I call it “working above the crowd.” This is where you operate your business at a much higher level than most and with a much stronger Power. This Power that most people have access to, many do not seem to tap into. They rely much more on what others can do for them, verses what The Power of Life can do for them. Success in Network Marketing today is a combination of three things:

  1. The Proper Paradigm.
  2. The Proper Process.
  3. Powerful Leadership.

Your Paradigm is what happens “between the ears.” This is getting it right on the inside, and understanding that the Power to Succeed is already inside of you, but you must unleash it in your life and business. We many times talk ourselves out of Success. We want to help you stop that in this column. The Process is what happens “between your hours.” This is what you do on a daily basis. The Process of this business is two fold: Learning how to do the business, and learning how to work with people. It really is that simple. And The Power Road is going to help you learn how to do that at a whole new level, and in whole new Power. Powerful Leadership is what happens “between your people.” It is the secret to building a team that produces millions in volume and income. This idea and concept is taught a lot, but rarely embraced. In our Leadership Mastery Schools, we train on the tactics and strategies of building Powerful Leaders, not just motivating people and calling it Leadership. The Power Road will help you learn some of these secrets as well to building a team that does not go away, but sticks around to produce Wealth. The Power Road will also feature an occasional Faith Based teaching as well, as we all need to have Faith in our future, ourselves, and God. This is just common sense, I think you would agree. So congratulations to The Network Marketing Magazine, and its first year in business, and I will predict that this online gem will become one of the most read magazines in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. It is way too valuable to miss even one single issue. That is hard to argue… once you start reading and find the Golden Nuggets found all through it. Blessings… Doug Firebaugh


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