The Principle of The MasterMind: People, Power, and Profits! by Michael York

Michael YorkLIFE and BUSINESS are much about PEOPLE. It’s a valuable lesson yet rich in its simplicity.  What’s On Your Mind Today? A NEW YEAR… New Ideas? New Opportunities? New Adventures and Bigger Rewards? Can I tell you that’s not what’s on the minds of most individuals in the marketplace right now… but why not? Isn’t there still room for “upbeat” in a “downturn?” In the next few minutes consider this bit of information… “No Individual May Have Great Power Without Availing Himself of The Mastermind.” —Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich As we turn the page on a new year let’s look back at one of the fundamentals of BIG SUCCESS. PEOPLE. Specifically, the people in your life. Who are you BECOMING JUST LIKE? NULL

Did you realize that if you and I begin spending major time together one of two things will happen, either you will become more like me or I will become more like you.

Individually and collectively we will become stronger or weaker based on the ASSOCIATION with one another.

That’s what begins the study on RICH STRATEGIES like The Power of The Mastermind and why people are attracted to the thinking and action and passion of others. It’s also why, if you hang out with the “doom-n-gloomers”, you’ll begin to slip into the conventional thinking quicksand that traps many people today. This is a time of unprecedented opportunity in the marketplace. Many of the rules have changed. Problem is, many of the models have not. The way we work or sell or earn or (fill in the blank)… If we’re not willing to seek out new individuals with new ideas and take advantage of new opportunities we’re stuck with the old and outdated. The boring, ordinary, average, or common thinking of the day. Napoleon Hill has some fascinating things to say about the connection between money and people and power in his books. Andrew Carnegie’s MASTERMIND group consisted of approximately FIFTY MEN (the number was actually 49) and for the DEFINITE PURPOSE of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributed his entire fortune to the POWER he accumulated through this MASTERMIND.

“When the group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased ENERGY created through that alliance becomes AVAILABLE TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL MIND IN THE GROUP.”

One of my favorite quotes from Robert Kiyosaki is one many of you might be familiar with, “Ordinary people WORK, but RICH PEOPLE NET-WORK!” Who’s in YOUR NETWORK? How are they affecting your THINKING and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION? How are you developing a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET? No matter where your income is right now. The skills and the proof and the results (money) come long after the mind sets the bar. I had the chance a few years ago to ask a MILLIONAIRE MIND a couple of questions… Jack Canfield! Jack is the co-author of one of the most famous book ideas in history. Over 100 million copies of CHICKEN SOUP books have been sold. It’s actually changed the meaning of those 2 words for most of us. Once upon a time a CHICKEN SOUP book would have probably been found in the kitchen. A cook book no doubt… but not anymore. Jack is a gracious man who wrote the lead quote that appears on my book The 10 Commitments. He read my manuscript and encouraged me to finish the book and have it published. It was a brief but unforgettable meeting. What’s the ONE THING I learned from Jack in those few minutes that day?

“Think bigger than you can PROVE RIGHT NOW!”

If you’re basing your thinking and your attitude on what you can PROVE RIGHT NOW you’re missing one of the great MILLIONAIRE MIND LESSONS! What happens (or can happen) NEXT. “Men take on the nature and habits and power of thought of those with whom they associate most closely…” “Poverty and Riches OFTEN CHANGE PLACES. When riches take the place of poverty, the change is usually brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed plans. Poverty needs no plan…Riches must be attracted.” —Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich Whether Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, or someone you consider your personal coach or mentor, LIFE and BUSINESS are much about PEOPLE. It’s a valuable lesson yet rich in its simplicity.

Choose the people you associate with very carefully. Become a student of MILLIONAIRE MINDS and always be in the process of learning all you can from them.

There is most certainly a SHIFT in how business is being done today and how the rules are changing and individuals all around you are succeeding because of PEOPLE. Commit to growing your mindset, your skill set, and seeking out the clues of success in this time of unprecedented opportunity.


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