There are two types of prospects, this is how to motivate each type By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

There are two types of prospects, this is how to motivate each Type

Type 1: Prospects who do things for themselves. We can motivate these prospects by showing them what our products or opportunity will do for them.

Type 2: Prospects who do things for other people. We can motivate these prospects by showing them how our products or opportunity will help others. (For example, a doctor may have plenty of money, but would like to help his relatives and friends to enjoy his higher-income lifestyle.)

While most of our prospects will be “Type 1” prospects, some of our best prospects will be “Type 2” prospects. Remember that our presentation must be different if we wish to attract “Type 2” prospects to our business.

Is this a pyramid?

Last night at the Dallas workshop, someone asked me, “So how do you answer the pyramid objection?”

Robert Butwin tells a story that doesn’t contain the word “pyramid” … but answers the pyramid objection in a way that prospects love. Here is the story. It is from the Big Al book, How To Prospect, Sell, And Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories.”

“Before I answer your question, is it okay if I ask you a quick question?

“When you were getting your formal education at school, if your teachers would have received a small percentage of your earnings for the rest of your life, do you think your formal education would have been better?”

The prospect answers, “Of course.”

Robert continues, “Well, that is how network marketing works. Your sponsor wants to teach and train you to be as successful as possible, because the only way your sponsor can earn money is by making you successful.”

Want a great example of network marketing that your prospects can understand? A joke.

If we like the joke, we share it with others. If we don’t like the joke, we don’t pass it on. That is exactly what we do in network marketing. We pass what we like on to others.

The only difference is that in network marketing … we get paid for it.


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