The real cause of making money in network marketing by Jack Zufelt

Jack ZufeltWhat is the ‘it’ that you need in order to succeed in network marketing? Knowing your core desires is a start- Jack will fill you in on the rest. There are many who believe that success in Network Marketing is based on setting goals, doing daily affirmations and visualizations, a great company and great products, etc. But they are simply WRONG. Perhaps not intentionally, but wrong nevertheless. Lots of companies have great products and many of their distributors are not earning the kind of incomes they are capable of. There is a problem in MLM training. For example: A very successful network marketer earning about $60,000 a month heard about me and my reputation so she brought me in to speak to one of her groups. There were about 1,500 of her distributors there. That morning I gave one of my very best performances I have ever given and they responded with a long and rousing standing ovation. They loved the message and insights I shared with them.  NULL After the morning ended, this woman and her husband whisked me off to a private meeting over lunch. It was clear she was agitated and seemed upset. Once the meal was served and the waitress stopped her frequent visits to the table this powerhouse of a woman got right to the point. She said, “We are very upset at what you taught our people today!” A bit shocked, I asked, “Why?” “They loved me!” She quickly stated that she didn’t like the idea that I had told them all to stop doing the very things she had been telling them to do for the past seven years which included, goal setting, daily affirmations, visualization and reading a myriad of motivational self-help books. I am pretty bold and fearless when I have the truth as my foundation so I leaned over the table and looked into her eyes and asked kindly, but firmly, the following question:

“Are those the things you did to reach the level of success that you now enjoy?”

I shall never forget what happened next. This woman is one of the finest human beings you will ever meet. She loves truth and has a great deal of integrity. Here’s how she responded. As soon as I asked her that question she turned and looked at her husband for about 10 seconds… neither said anything… then she turned back to me and quietly shook her head and said, “No.” That didn’t surprise me in the least. You see I knew her story of success and it didn’t include any of those things. I then shared with her something that was quite an eye opener to her. I said, “When you stand in front of your organization and tell them that if they will do what you have told them to do, they will gain the success that you enjoy and that they seek. They not only accept what you say as gospel truth but embrace it enthusiastically. With great gusto and total mental commitment they set about trying to do all the things you suggested.” “But, I told her, “Here is the rub… when a few months, or worse yet, a year or two has gone by and they still don’t have the success they hoped for. They don’t question you or the ideas for success that you suggested. After all you have complete, undeniable credibility.

“Who do they question?” Themselves! They give themselves negative labels they don’t deserve and draw terrible conclusions about themselves.

Conclusions like, I must not have what it takes or I am a failure. Then they get very discouraged, give up and wither and die away. Sure they may keep coming to meetings for social interaction is, indeed, one of the great benefits and attractions that people experience and love in network marketing… but do they earn much money? The answer is: They could make a lot more if they knew how. If this has happened to you, and I’ll bet it has, you can change it if you want to with the truths you will learn from me. First— to stop this from happening to you, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of believing that the standard things taught for success in MLM such as goal setting, affirmations, reading books or listening to audio programs suggested by a big money earner or upline is going to bring you success. They won’t. There are only four things you must do to make money in network marketing. Assuming you have a good company and a good product, if you do these four things with the right attitude and confidence- and do them consistently- you will make all the money you want. So when you hear anything other than what I have listed please understand that what you are being taught by these well meaning big money earners is merely their way of trying to motivate you to do these four things consistently. 1. Believe in and use the product(s) and get others to use them. 2. Do powerful and proper prospecting… a lot. Focus on finding business builders. 3. Recruit those who are interested in making money this way. Turn the rest into wholesale or retail consumers if you can. 4. Teach the new recruit what you know about the company, the product(s) and keep them focused on powerful and proper prospecting and recruiting too. Then— Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Training over! The mechanics of doing network marketing are really very simple aren’t they?

Second— take a close, in-depth and truthful look at your real motivations for doing an MLM business. I call them Core Desires.

For example, if your love of the product(s) is the real reason you are interested but you don’t really like the business side where you must prospect, acknowledge that truth and don’t give yourself any negative labels. You are not stupid. You do have talent and, in time, you could learn to do and become what it takes… if you really wanted to. If you aren’t doing what it takes, if you aren’t getting the results you want, if you aren’t being the kind of person it takes, just acknowledge that you just don’t want it badly enough to consistently do what it takes including making changes in yourself. That’s all.

If your are truly motivated from within to do the business by one or more Core Desires and are willing to change if necessary to become what you must become then see steps 1 through 4 above and you will begin to experience the joy of success and the profit that is there in network marketing.

A very big income earner in network marketing was discussing with me her reason for success but when she told it to me it was clear that she did not have a clue how to quantify it. We were talking about whether self-help books were the secret to success. She didn’t think so. She asked me if I had read a specific book about how to be successful in MLM and I told her that I had. It is quite a popular book. She quickly retorted, “Well I haven’t. Well actually, I did read the first chapter which was all about how important it is to discover your “WHY.” (The book doesn’t tell you how to do that by the way. It assumes the reader knows their “Why” and most don’t.) She related to me that while reading that first chapter she became exquisitely and vividly clear about her “WHY”. It had to do with having more time to spend with her precious children. She then made this startling statement:

“I never read any more of that book. I put it down and just went and did it.”

At the time we were visiting, her income was in the high 6 figures and only took 5 or 6 years to generate that kind of cash flow in her MLM business. Everyone she tells her story to wants to know what the “it” was that she went and did. They are ready with pen and pencil to write down whatever she says because they’re going to go and do it! What was the “It” that she went and did? That’s the problem with most successful upline. They can’t clearly define what the “it “is so guess what they do? They fall back on the standard techniques taught which includes goal setting, affirmations, reading this or that book, etc. but that is NOT what they did to get where they are! What the heck is the “IT”! Somebody tell me, PLEASE! Well
here is what it is NOT. It is NOT great products with incredible testimonies that are sometimes nothing short of miraculous. It is NOT a lucrative compensation plan or wonderful, attention getting, company story. These things ARE, indeed, important, BUT if these were all it took to become successful everyone would be making money… and most are not. Therefore the conclusion must be that these things alone aren’t enough. THEN WHAT IS IT???? Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready for that breakthrough that has been holding you back for months or years? OK, here it is…

It’s the ability to build an organization of distributors who are doing three things 1) using the products 2) getting others to use them and 3) getting others to build their own organization. DUH!



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