The REAL Secret to Making Money by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverAlign yourself with one simple principle as the foundation stone of your business and increase your success! Having worked with tens of thousands of Network Marketers over the years, I’ve noticed that success, and the money that goes with it, comes to those who have…

  • The willingness to learn
  • The desire to succeed
  • The commitment to take action.

There’s also something else that’s even more important. It’s making one simple principle the foundation stone of your business. And that is;

Putting the needs of your potential partners first and your own needs second.

And yet how many distributors really do this both mentally and practically? The Purpose of your Business? The way to understand and then apply this is to answer the simple question, “What is the purpose of your business, (or any other business come to that)?” NULL Most distributors would answer that it’s about making money or being self-fulfilled or some other self focused thought. Nothing wrong in that, except do you think that this self focused vibration is something that people pick up on? Of course they do! You can’t escape it. You give away your thinking both sub-consciously and consciously in your energy and the words you use. And do people really care about what you want and whether “What you’re doing is working for you… and that the products are wonderful and they should get in now so as to not miss a wonderful opportunity….” and so on? Mostly not, except for the one in ten million who just happens to be in the mood to want listen. Sadly, this self focus is the cause of why 95% of distributor’s drop out quickly leaving with less self esteem than when they first got involved.

The fact is the real purpose of a business is to – Help people solve their problems. That’s it!

This also the first of four foundational principles on which the process of Natural Selling is built. If you want proof of this then answer this question. If your product or income opportunity cannot solve a problem for someone, is there any reason for them to get involved with you or buy your product? The answer is self evident! So who is the business really all about then? Them! All the way! By the way, if you answered the first question and correctly stated the purpose of your business and you’re still not getting the results you want, then you can do two things.

  1. Check you’re in alignment with my definition of success
  2. Make sure you are not intellectualizing your response. You have to live and believe this belief and know how to apply it.

Of course you can still be successful taking the conventional route of using sales tactics and techniques. However, these tactics of presenting what you think are the advantages and benefits of your solutions, closing people and handling their questions and responses as objections to be overcome, makes it hard work because they resist this type of pressure. It also depends on what is meant by success! Does it mean being successful at getting people to join you and buy your products? Or does it mean that they join you and stay? I say the latter. Evidence of this is on the ground scattered with those who drop out because of the insistence by so many distributors to teach easy short term techniques. Techniques that are almost impossible to consistently apply because they are focused not on the potential partner or customer but on getting the sale.

By the way, making the purpose of your business about others does not mean forgetting about your personal objective or agenda.

It’s important that you achieve your objective. It’s just that there are easier, simpler, faster, more comfortable and more effective ways of doing it than taking the standard “Pump yourself up” conventional technique route. Thinking Differently A final thought to think about. Instead of starting the day thinking… “In order for me to increase my business today I must prospect as many people as I can and sign them up into my business” Think…

“In order for me to increase my business today I must go out and talk with as many people as I can to discover if they have the types of problems I can help them solve.”

FEEL the difference between the two approaches. If it’s loud and clear that the second has a higher vibration than the first, then the next step is to stay congruent with this thought. Learn to practically apply it so that you can achieve the level of income and success you have set yourself.


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