There’s a Film Director in every Sales Person By Shiera O’Brien

Did you know how much you have in common 
with Steven Spielberg?

Think Different

Steven Spielberg looked out through his bedroom window as a small child and imagined the night-time shadows were characters and creatures in the stories he told himself. His imagination and ability to create movies – and direct them years later – came from the hours he spent creating them over and over in his mind as a young child.

Did you ever imagine you could be a director? Did you know that we all run our minds semantically? What I mean by that is, our mind is the tool that gives meaning to our external experience? We can only understand something by creating a movie in our heads about it. You might just be noticing that now? Maybe you knew that all along?

I decided to work with this metaphor to show salespeople how their jobs are not unlike that of the movie director. Bear with me on this analogy, if it seems far-fetched for you! All we are doing here is working with what is already there, in a buyer’s mind – the ideal picture of the purchase they want.

You may not have given this much thought, but your buyers are running movies all the time about things they buy every single day! It doesn’t matter what it is. They imagine they have the purchase in their lives. They check their bank account mentally to see if they can afford it. Then they take pictures of how their business or life will get even better were they to purchase what’s in their mind. Check it out the next time you are in the supermarket and notice what you do as you buy that luxury food that’s not on your shopping list! 

So what does a great director really do?

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