“The right brain can FEEL perfect round” by Kurt Wright

Ever wonder what your intuitive mind could do for you – if only you were able to stop the interference from your analytical mind? That’s what Dr. Philip Alexander told me as he rolled a magnificent, hand-crafted “marble” across his desk…

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Kurt Wright

Founder and President of Clear Purpose Management, Inc., an international consulting firm. He has coached leaders from some of the most respected companies in the U.S., Canada, South America and Europe. His work, as well as the ideas included in his book, "Breaking the Rules,” grew out of his 1970 decision to spend the rest of his life working to understand what each of us is like at our very best.

Author and publisher of “Breaking the Rules, Accessing Your Inner Wisdom.” He is highly respected by instructors of personal coaching skills for having developed an easily-mastered way of asking questions that enables people to get connected directly to their intuitive mind and follow its inner wisdom.
Kurt Wright
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