The Role of Supplements in the Mind-Body Connection by Dana Gore

Dana GoreWhen we feel better we do better. We experience less discomfort, have more energy and become a participant in life rather than a victim and this is EMPOWERMENT! In a perfect world we would experience the epitome of good health at every waking moment. The healthiest and highest quality foods would be available and affordable to all and we would breathe easy knowing we are doing right by ourselves by following good habits at all times. In our real world, however, pesticide free food comes at a steep price while our busy lives filled with financial insecurities and time restrictions have many of us relying on cheap processed meals and drive thrus.

When trying to do right by our bodies, these perceived limitations often diminish any hope of attaining optimal health.

Since we are a society that appreciates facts and statistics, receiving concrete evidence about the relief and even complete healing in the presence of some illnesses and conditions has offered a sense of hope that perhaps there really is something out there that can soothe the discomfort and ease the pain. NULL

Understanding that faith and belief are capable of inspiring habits that are in sync with these feelings, healthier living and lifestyle changes can occur by delivering momentum toward creating what we want!

Deepak Chopra has said, “Your immune system and every cell in your body eavesdrops on every belief, mood, thought and feeling.” In other words, our bodies tend to follow along with our thoughts. When we live our lives feeling disconnected from good habits, chaos develops. Kids, jobs, long commutes and stress all play a role in how we take care of ourselves and since these messages play in our subconscious, we physically replicate the “dis-ease” we feel and therefore, end up sick and in pain. Since it can be challenging to learn and incorporate all new habits into our already busy lives, supplements can play a role in giving us some added nutrients, relief and most of all, the start of a wellness routine! Just the very act of utilizing a product that has been demonstrated to show good quality and integrity in remedying an ailment stirs up hope.

Hope allows us to be open to possibilities and since that feels so good, we are then in a position to allow momentum to take over and we partake in activities that complement the new positive feelings we are experiencing.

Powerful life changes now have room to grow! Think about this. It has been widely reported that aloe vera juice and probiotics have offered relief in digestive discomfort, which is something many of us suffer from. If you experience benefits from these supplements, don’t you think it may encourage better eating habits since you are being proactive in how good you feel? When we feel better we do better. We experience less discomfort, have more energy and become a participant in life rather than a victim and this is EMPOWERMENT! Supplements, as long as they are of sound ingredients and again, integrity, can offer hope and physical healing. Together, they can create a harmonious opportunity for transformation!


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