The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

Jim_RohnPart 4 of 5 – How to nourish and protect your crops all summer This week is Part Four of our five part series on The Season’s of Life.   In Part One of the series we discussed:  a)  That life is about constant, predictable patterns of change.   b)  For all of us, the only constant factor is our feelings and attitudes toward life.   c)  We as human beings have the power of attitude and that attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.   In Part Two of our series we discussed: a)  Life and business are like the changing seasons.   b)  You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. c)  A major lesson in life to learn is how to handle the winters.   d)  Winter time allows you to get stronger, wiser, better. The winters won’t change, but you can. NULL

In Part Three of our series we discussed: a)  Spring is the season for entering the fertile fields of life with seed, knowledge, commitment, and a determined effort.   b)  It is the promise of spring that as we sow, so shall we also reap, that for every disciplined human effort we will receive a multiple reward.   c)  There are just a handful of springs that have been handed to each of us. Don’t just let the seasons pass by.   This month we will talk about the third major lesson in life to learn; how to nourish and protect your crops all summer. Sure enough, as soon as you’ve planted, the busy bugs and noxious weeds are out to take things over. Here is the next bit of truth: they will take it, unless you prevent it.   There are two key phrases to consider with the third major lesson. The first is “all good will be attacked.” Don’t press me for a reason. I was not in on some of the early decisions, so I don’t know why. I just know that it’s true.

Let reality be your best beginning. Every garden will be invaded.

The second phrase is “all values must be defended.”  Social values, political values, friendship values, business values – all must be defended. Every garden must be tended all summer. If you don’t develop this skill, you’ll never wind up with anything of value.   But for those who make diligent efforts to plant, protect, and preserve there are not enough birds, bugs, or other obstacles to destroy all the efforts of last spring.   To Your Success, Jim Rohn


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