The Secret to Finding Wealth Faster Than You’ve Ever Imagined! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxWealth is yours for the taking, as long as you know what it means to you Wealth is a concept that’s extremely hard to grasp to most. Those who don’t have wealth wonder what it would be like to have it. They wonder what they’ve got to do to find it. Those who do have it wonder if they’ve got enough of it. And they equally wonder what they have to do to get more of it.

But what is wealth? Is it a number on the amount in your bank account? Is it an accumulation of toys, or cars, or summer homes? Well that’s the thing. There’s no real number you can put on it.

Of course governments put a number on it for tax reasons, but if you’re in the U.S. and you’re making $250,000 are you really wealthy? That depends of course on YOU! If you’re a millionaire, and you have no friends, family, and you’re in poor health… are you really wealthy? NULL

Again, that depends on the person who holds the money. Someone of average income would likely look at that person and think that they’d never want to be that way. That they’d never want to be in that circumstance! So does that mean that they’d never want to be wealthy? Here’s the thing about wealth… it’s totally and completely relative. I suppose if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then wealth is in the mind of the holder. So then, here lies the secret of creating wealth for yourself.

The first and main step is figuring out what wealth actually means to YOU! You can’t strive for something unless you know WHAT you’re striving for. So you can’t define wealth by some arbitrary number. You also can’t define wealth by how much your neighbor, brother, cousin, or anyone has.

You can only define wealth by what it means for you. It could very well mean a much smaller amount of money, but a freer lifestyle. For all anyone else knows, living in the middle of the desert in a trailer, plenty of food and fresh water, and a good dog could be wealth to one… while on the same token 3 summer homes in the Keys, a bank account with too many zeros to count, and a babe on each arm could be wealth to another. Each may be miserable switching places. Therefore you’ve got to soul search and figure out what wealth really means to you. Here are some things to consider…

A dollar amount Relationships Love Lifestyle Freedom Leisure Property Legacy (what you have to leave to your children and grandchildren) Charity

Once you’ve established about what it means to you (because things may change) then you’ve got to simply create a plan of action to get there. Now here’s the good thing that may come of this little soul searching exercise. You may realize that you’ve already got more wealth than you’ve realized. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ is the fastest way to blind you of the wealth that you’ve already got in certain areas.

It’s only when you know what it means to YOU that you can actually see how close you are. Often, you’ll realize that you’re there in some places, and pretty darned close in others.

For instance you may have great tremendous relationships with both your family and friends. If you do, then you’ve already got more wealth than most do. You may have a lifestyle where you’re working from home, so then you can see that you’ve got a pretty darn good lifestyle and more freedom than most could ask for. So therefore you can scratch that off your list, and start working on the other parts and create a plan of action to get there. Here’s one more thing to consider… Don’t discount that CHARITY bullet point up there. Giving to others does not have to always come in the form of dollar amounts, and it can and usually is much more fulfilling than all of the others on the list combined. And when you give, your LOVE account tends to go way up very rapidly! Wealth is yours for the taking, as long as you know what it means to you, and you may have much more than you ever realized already!


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