The “Secret”… to Your Commitment to Your Business by Kip Herriage

Kip HerriageViewing yourself as a serious entrepreneur is the first step to developing the belief system of a world class CEO  Consider these two situations for a moment. One: You are standing at the altar. You just entered into a contract for life that offers no exchange policy. Two: You are holding your newborn baby. You immediately know that nothing on this planet matches the bond between child and parent. Now, which of these situations best describe your commitment to your business? Crazy choices… right? Nothing can compare to a commitment to your child or spouse… right? Now, consider how the following people might have answered this same question; Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), Meg Whitman (CEO of EBay), Warren Buffet (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway), Donald Trump (CEO of Trump Ent.) and Joe Schmo (CEO of Stay at Home, Inc.).  NULL You certainly recognize the first four names and I will introduce you to Mr. Schmo in a moment. If given a choice of seeing their business succeed or taking care of their family commitments, what do you think their answer would be. As much as they are committed to their family, everyone reading this knows that nothing would stand in the way of making sure that their business succeeds.

If that meant 20 hours of attention per day, for years at a time, “Whatever it takes” is exactly what they would do.

How many of us resemble Joe Schmo instead? As the CEO of Stay at Home, Inc., Mr. Schmo will do whatever it takes… to avoid making a strong commitment to his business. He may use family commitments as an excuse for not treating his business like a business, but deep down he knows that its simply avoidance behavior. His belief system is all over the place because it was never incredibly strong to begin with.

It never existed at the “cellular level”, which is an absolute requirement for real success as an entrepreneur.

It’s been said that your “attitude determines your altitude”. When you examine your attitudes and your belief system, what do you find?

Do you see yourself as the CEO of your own multi-million dollar business or do you see yourself as an independent contractor in the network marketing industry?

You must believe deep down that you are the CEO of your own business, that it is a real business, and that you are in it to win. One of the major psychological barriers to success in this industry is that we invest a small amount of money to get started with our own business. Then, we treat our business like a hobby because the dollar amounts are essentially equal. Here’s the secret to reprogramming your belief system. While you likely invested just a small amount of money to fund your business, you must begin to believe otherwise. Instead of an investment of a few thousand, trick your psyche into believing that you invested millions to start your business. This kind of substantial investment means that failure is not an option for you. If you fail, you lose your home, all retirement funds and savings, and you will be forced to file for bankruptcy. How committed would you be if this were in fact the case? Do you experience these kinds of emotions when you think about the possibility of your business failing?

When you boil everything down to its most common denominator, an entrepreneur will either succeed or fail for one reason, and one reason only; their strength of their internal “Belief System”.

Choosing to be more like Donald Trump than Joe Schmo is an easy choice. Viewing yourself as a serious entrepreneur is the first step to developing the belief system of a world class CEO


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