The single most important skill in network marketing (That you probably haven’t been taught!) by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyThe single most important skill in Network Marketing – and the skill that you likely weren’t taught— is how to coach and be coached. If you are like most network marketing professionals you where drafted into your current organization with a flurry, finding yourself being dispensed an avalanche of “starter materials”: literature, list builders, products, standing order forms, check lists, seminar dates, upline phone numbers…and a healthy array of tips for “getting started fast”. And with the combination of belief in the product, desire to answer a financial need and the healthiest self confidence you could muster – you began to “follow the instructions” for building a big business. Has it worked? If it didn’t it’s not because of something you didn’t know or a genetic deficit or something about the way your parents raised you.  NULL It’s not because you haven’t been to enough seminars or because you haven’t read the right books. It’s not the calling script, the way you offer samples or the amount of time you do or don’t put into the business. If you network marketing business didn’t work as you expected it is because you didn’t get coached.

And if it did work – it’s either because you did get coached – or you knew how to coach before you got into the business.

The single most important skill in Network Marketing – and the skill that you likely weren’t taught— is how to coach and be coached. Let me explain. All that information you received – that was education: information that is handed to a willing student that – through their own effort, pace and ability to absorb it all – gives perspective to what they signed up for. Education doesn’t tell you how – it only tells you what. And the seminars or tapes or videos or “nuts and bolts sessions” or “get started meetings”…those are training. Training is the process of explaining how (where education leaves off) but it is necessarily generalized and designed for a broad audience; besides being delivered through the eyes (read: experiences and filters) of whomever is delivering the training. Application of the training is left up to the trainee – and some have the necessary skills to take generalized training and apply to their unique circumstances and others don’t. Most don’t. But coaching, my friend, is the missing piece. Coaching is the process that involves two essential components:

1) Collaborating with a person to apply both education and training to that person’s unique and personal circumstances.

2) Continuous support that enables the person being coached to feel a sense of accountably, while at the same time having access to a sounding board and partner to help plan new courses— based on new information— toward a defined goal.

Were you coached to your current level of success in Network Marketing? Have you been introduced to the fundamental principles of coaching? And, by the example of a skilled coach, have you been taught how to be a coach to those that you bring to your business? If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions— or are not sure— then we have a terrific opportunity for you in the coming months in We will be exploring the key components of becoming a world class coach…breaking down the fundamentals and helping you to learn how to apply— in your own unique circumstances – what is required to coach the people in your network so that it grows fast and continuously. We are going to coach you on how to become a coach! And as a coach, you will find that helping other people succeed reaps the truest reward in network marketing – as well as creating a literal “autobahn” to the financial success you intended.


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