The Skeptical Market Recruiter Three CD set and The Official Recruiter’s Cribsheet by TNMM Editor

You can build a profitable business all over the world from the comforts of home with two way communication!  IMPORTANT NOTE: To listen to a 27 minute downloadable MP3 demo CD of this program covering: The Skeptical Marketplace… The Gaping Gap in Network Marketing… Shall We Agree? The Women and Cold Market— Openers… all from Disc 1 of Kim’s new Skeptical Market Recruiter training program, go to Kim’s feature article, Network marketing is a woman, in the December 2005 issue. Readers of the magazine know my bias for all (most all) flavors of Klaver. I love Kim’s stuff. She pragmatic. She thinks. And, she only offers what she has proven in the field where theories live and die in the bright light of results. Her brand new three-CD set and ready-to use scripts is another rubber-meets-the-road ‘how to’ you can put the key in and drive away down the highway of more success than you had before.  NULL I used to be passionately (read fiercely) anti-scripts— for years. Kim finally changed my mind. Her stuff is rock-solid smart and easily incorporated into any ‘truth-based’ network marketing system. Check flashers and the ‘throw ’em up against the wall and see who sticks crowd need NOT apply, because they couldn’t use Kim’s approach. It’s too straight and honest, sans hype and hustle. Kim’s on a mission and I’m with her. It’s time. It really is time. Kim asks: Are you someone who loves your products and the business BUT:

  • You can’t get anyone good to listen to their business opportunity.
  • You want to talk like a sincere, normal, non-hypey person, to both that big bananas and
  • little banana.
  • You don’t want to make promises you can’t keep anymore.
  • You want a NEW WAY to talk to your warm market WITHOUT risking the relationship, period.

Then take a sincere and serious look at the Skeptical Market Recruiter. Disc #1 topics (about an hour) includes: 1.Intro Skeptical Market Recruiter 2.Why a Skeptical Market? 3.Gaping Gap in NM 4.Shall We Agree? 5.The Women 6.Cold Market – Openers 7.How Do You Make Money? 8.How Much Do I Have to Invest? 9.Big Banana Opener Disc #2 (about an hour) includes: 1.Big Banana How Does it Work? 2.Big Banana-What’s it Cost? 3.Call Backs to Big and Little Bananas 4.Message to Leave for LB & BB 5.Live Call Back to Big Banana 6.Is This a Pyramid? 7.Warm Market Screening – surprise even your burned-through friends and family 8.Feel and Sound Like an Advisor 9.Master the Survival Skills Disc #3 The Official Recruiters Cribsheet includes: Opening your conversations, Call-backs, Leaving messages, Telling someone in 2 sentences how the money gets made in NORMAL language a 13-year old can understand. And answering the questions like: How much do I have to invest? Where do I find customers/Sales Reps? Is it a pyramid? Is it sales? And dealing with: “I don’t want to sell.” “I don’t know anyone.” “Do I have to sell to my friends?” and more…. I and we highly recommend Kim Klaver’s Skeptical Market Recruiter. She’s been using it with groups from Shaklee and Quickstar and getting great results. If you’re up for upping your recruiting batting average, get Kim’s training and then turn around and use it to train your people.


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