The Spiritual Leadership Secret by Doug Firebaugh

Doug FirebaughLeadership is the KEY to your success in Network marketing, as it builds your other Leadership skills and other types of skills as you go. Let me ask you a question… What do you do to get yourself going in the morning for your MLM and Network Marketing business?? Coffee? Exercise? Shower? Brush your teeth? Read the Bible? Roll back over? Doesn’t really matter. Odds are you have been doing it for years, and have gotten quite good at it. You have been displaying Leadership in your life, and it has proven to get you to where you need to go every morning. But there is a better way. Do you realize that Leadership can also get you to where you want to go in this Network Marketing business as well? The 4 Types of Leadership in MLM.

  • Personal -Leading YOU.
  • Formal (group)-Leading Groups.
  • MLM Mentoring -Leading Individually.
  • Spiritual Leadership – God Leading you.

NULL Leadership is the KEY to your success in Network Marketing, as it builds your other Leadership skills and other types of skills as you go. But the most powerful form of Leadership is number 4. Most do not practice that daily. But let’s look at how you can incorporate that. INFERNO Secret:

If you cannot Lead you, you cannot Lead others. If you cannot be led by God, then you are operating in a much weaker Power in your Leadership.

In our Leadership Development Seminars, we teach that there is a Higher Form of Leadership, and we all must aspire to that. There are 3 things that you must develop in your MLM Spiritual Leadership quest:

1) The Discipline to start 2) The Conviction to continue 3) The Resolve to Complete.

Most rarely get past numbers 1 and 2. Spiritual Leadership requires you to START everyday the process of this business with God first. And you MUST know THE MAGNET that pulls you and propels you past the starting line. What is THE MAGNET? What you want MLM to bring into your life…through the Holy Spirit. It is better known as your Leadership WHY. We say that in Spiritual Leadership, WHY stands for: “WHO Has You?” Who has your heart? God or the world? Who has your focus? God or Success?

The secret in Network Marketing is not WHAT you do, but WHO you do it with.

Most Leaders do this business with their team. Spiritual Leadership does this business with God FIRST, Who then, is helping your team. HUGE difference in Power. Then we need to ask as well: Why are you doing MLM? Many don’t really know, and because of that, they wander aimlessly trying to figure this business out. But it really is simpleit is about Leadership and Leadership through God’s Power. Plain and simple. Your why helps you get through the hard times, as it pushes you through mentally, and psychologically. God’s Power will not let you give up as a Leader. Spiritual Leadership requires you to Continue through adversity and hardships. You lean on God, not you. This is where most Leadership jumps ship, never to return. Their WHY simply was not strong enough because it was based on their power, not God’s, and they did not want it bad enough. And Spiritual Leadership requires you to Complete what you started: The Will to Win. The Passion to Produce. His Fire to Forge on, until done through the Holy Spirit. You do this everyday, with your Life Skills you have developed. You can do the same thing with your MLM skills. How? One baby step at a time. That is how God operates through His Children- baby steps. We call it “Divide and Conquer”. Divide your Daily business routine into baby steps and then with your Spiritual Leadership you have already come to master, Start, Continue and Complete, with Discipline, Conviction, and Resolve. All done through the Power of God. Network Marketing is a course on Leadership. You must make it a course on Spiritual Leadership as well, by every morning, giving your business over to God, and letting Him direct your steps and cranking up His Power within your own Leadership. INFERNO Secret:

Network Marketing through the Power of God introduces YOU to the REAL YOU. Because without God, you will never know the REAL you.

Work on Leading yourself, step by step, baby success by baby success with God directing. Listen to His Voice, follow His Promptings and Compelling, and also what “gut checks” He puts inside of you. And understand: It’s the small personal daily tasks that you do in your business that create the HUGE results everyone longs for. Even God had a 7 day Leadership Plan to create everything. This business is built with the small, routine tasks, done consistently, through the Incredible Power of Spiritual Leadership by partnering with God in MLM and Network Marketing business. Start leading with THE Power in your Leadership, not a weaker power that is void of His Relationship. blessings… Doug PassionFire Intl- (c) 2007/all rights reserved


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