The supportive spouse by Mark Semple

Mark SempleDoes it surprise you to know that over 60 percent of the women in Direct Selling DO NOT have supportive spouses? Given that your wife is the most important person in your life, and that you will win together or lose together, it makes great sense to be as supportive as is ‘genderly’ possible.  As a husband & parent, one of my main goals is to be able to spend as much time with my wife & children as I can. Corporate employment, however, offers limited opportunities to do so. My intent is to step down from the corporate world in the not too distant future into an endeavor that I absolutely love— work from home on my own schedule and have time to spend with my wife and children, doing the things we enjoy. My wife has already made that transition. She entered the awesome world of Direct Selling in 2002, after attending a homeshow for a franchise that was just appearing in the northern states. She continued full-time employment while working her business and growing her team. Eventually, in late 2004 she left corporate America to work from home full-time. We are blessed in achieving what many working mothers (and fathers) desire. Direct Selling provided the opportunity. Goals and determination made it real.  NULL

A supportive spouse made it happen sooner.

My wife, like you all, is highly capable, motivated, intelligent and passionate and does not need me to be successful at anything she sets her mind to. (She raised an awesome daughter single-handed for 14 years before we met). But, she is aware to the fact that she can accomplish more sooner if she has willing support available— and she takes advantage of it.

I respect the fact that it is her business and, if she wants to fly solo, I will stay out of the way and carry on with one of my many projects.

My wife appreciates and frequently requests my support and assistance. I am grateful for this, as I get to spend more time with her. I enjoy participating in the events, interacting with the people and contributing to the success. We win together or we lose together. Occasionally, she is double-booked and I get to represent her at craft fair or farmer’s market. To be honest, I love doing it— especially the interaction with people. Having been involved with Direct Selling for over three years now, I was quite surprised to learn that over 60 percent of women in the business do not have supportive spouses. As the majority of the 12 million Direct Sellers in the United States are women, that is an astounding number. Although I have my theories as to why some men don’t support their wives, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

My wife is the most important person in my life. If something is important to her, it’s important to me— regardless of whether or not I understand it.

Now, if she wanted me to have a makeover or model lingerie at a homeshow, we may have to do some negotiating, but she knows she can count on me for most anything else. In my experience, most Direct Sellers simply want to feel that their significant other believes in them— and their business. I do believe that men typically can’t relate to the party plan concept and don’t see Direct Selling as a viable and profitable business. Some actually look upon it as a hobby and one of those mysterious rituals where males are prohibited. I also believe that it is possible to change the situation and achieve the support desired. Granted it won’t happen overnight, and it’s not as simple as training a dog. It is presumed that your significant other has some redeeming qualities or they would not have the honor of sharing your life. The key is to focus on your journey and let your results speak for themselves. When you’re depositing four-figure checks and going off for tropical cruises, it will be hard for anyone to deny that you have a serious business going on. My hobbies typically don’t earn me money. If you need something specific— ask. Hints, both subtle and not-so-subtle, don’t always get across.

Bottom line is that you are going to be successful because YOU have decided it will be so.

Direct Selling provides the opportunity to make the level of income you desire, working the hours you want and gives you free time to spend on what matters most. Accompanying my wife on her journey has greatly expanded my horizons. I have met so many wonderful people. I have reconnected with some old goals, found several new ones, and was inspired to write e-books and carry the message to improve the level of support for the many awesome women taking control of their own destiny via Direct Selling. The future is yours.


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