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rod nicholsThere is great power in a network built using a team approach.  When I joined my first network marketing company in 1979, I was a hot shot young corporate guy who knew everything. I didn’t listen to my upline and did everything my own way. This continued for the first 10 years of my network marketing career and needless to say, I was a miserable failure.

In the early nineties, I began to recognize the power of the team approach.

We would have weekly opportunity presentations and trainings. All of us would work all week to bring prospects to the presentation on Thursday night and those we enrolled would be trained on Saturday morning. Our organization exploded and we started making money quickly.  NULL

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with that company and so in 1994 I was back looking for a new vehicle. By that time the Internet was emerging and so I joined my upline in a new company and we created The Millennium Team (which doesn’t exist anymore). We contracted with a graphic designer for a logo, printed shirts for our team, and developed a very sophisticated (for that time) team web site. We offered weekly opportunity and training conference calls and used a team approach in our prospecting. At the annual conventions, we would rent a room and bring our international team together. It was fun to see people for the first time that we had worked with by phone and via e-mail for months. In fact, the team went beyond business and functioned more like a loving family. The result was a massive international network. I retired from that business in 2001 to help a friend plant a new church and to write a couple of books, however, even though I haven’t done anything in that business for nearly 8 years, we still earn a very nice full-time income. That’s the power of a network built using a team approach. I’m sure that you’ve probably seen the acrostic for TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More Well, it is absolutely true.

If you use a team approach for your business, everyone on that team will achieve more – they will build bigger business and earn a higher income.

So, here are some tips for developing a team approach for your business: 1. Team Name – gather your leaders and brainstorm a name for your team. It should speak to who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Since you are going to need an Internet domain, availability may somewhat dictate the team name. 2. Team Image or Logo – if you have someone on your team with graphic abilities, have them design an image that fits the name. Otherwise, you can use logo software, such as Logo Design Studio (by Summitsoft) or hire a graphic artist to design your team logo. 3. Develop a Team Web Site – secure the team domain and then use the team name and image on the site and provide general information about your team and the benefits of belonging to your team (how it will help them build a successful network marketing business). Also, have a pass coded/members only section where you provide training, support, and encouragement. If you have the technical ability or the finances to hire a web designer, you can also create replicating distributor prospecting sites for your team. This way everyone on the team is prospecting with the same site. This site should include the benefits of the team, a short video presentation by one of the leaders, a free offer, and a form to capture basic (name, phone number, and e-mail) information. Deliver your free offer by e-mail to insure that they give you an accurate e-mail address. Also, since you will have a team domain, use it to develop e-mail addresses for each member of your team. For example, when we had The Millennium Team, we had the domain and if we had a distributor named Joe, his e-mail address was This shows a prospect consistency of team image. 4. Use a Team Approach to Your Prospecting – each person on your team is going to have at least a couple of people upline from them. Encourage them to work in teams of 3 or 4 to help bring prospects into the business. On the Internet, this could be in the form of a tag-team approach, where each member of the team sends e-mails to the prospect, talking about themselves, their background, why they joined the company, and how the Team is helping them build a business. Out in the real world, it could be in the form of calls to the prospect with the same type of information as in the e-mails, conference calls, 3-way calls, video conferences, or in-person meetings. 5. Design Team Shirts/Hats – contact a screen printing company in your local area and have them use your logo to design some shirts and hats. Offer these to your team at cost, plus shipping. Encourage them to “brand” themselves whenever they go out in public. We’ve all gotten used to wearing branded clothes from companies that don’t pay us anything, so why not wear your own brand? People will ask and it creates an opportunity to talk about your business. 6. Design Car Signs – contact a sign maker and have them design some static car signs that have the team logo and the distributor’s phone number, web site, e-mail, etc. Encourage your team to place them on their cars to increase team awareness in their community. The more signs people see, the more aware they become. 7. Design Team Business Cards – use the team logo to develop a business card that promotes the benefits of the team, replicating web site, team e-mail address, and the distributor’s phone number. 8. Do Team Advertising – this can be in the form of magazine, card decks, web sites, or direct mail. Develop a large ad that promotes the benefits of your team and have prospects either call a toll-free number that goes into a voice mail system with a short informational message that will weed out the ‘lookie loos’ or into a web site that will do the same thing. Offer this cooperative advertising program to your team and have them pay a proportionate amount of the cost, while receiving the same percentage of the leads that are generated. 9. Have Team Meetings/Conference Calls – have regular team meetings with your local network and conference calls for all those outside the local area. Use these times to recognize new distributors and rank advancements. Also, instruct your distributors to send you (in advance) questions or areas of struggles and then cover those on in these team meetings/calls. 10. Conduct Weekly Opportunity Presentations – you can do these live for those in your local area and via teleconference or webconference for those outside the area. On these presentations you talk about your opportunity and the benefits of joining your team. You can even have team members give testimony as to what the team approach has done for their business.

People love to be part of a team. It will help them grow their business quicker and increase loyalty to your business.

If you use a team approach, your business will grow quickly, your downline will make money, they will be less tempted to join some other network marketing company, and everyone will succeed. So, keep your eyes on the success of your downline; help them any way you can and watch your network (and income) explode in the coming years!


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