The Three Cornerstones of True Leadership by Robert Shemin

Robert SheminThe best way to lead is to be a leader and act like a leader through and through. I’ve had the great fortune of meeting some of the greatest leaders in the World: Politicians, religious leaders, entertainers and business people. The greatest world leaders do 3 things differently from others:   They have a clear and defined goal for themselves, their business and each individual in their organization. This goal is communicated in word and action. Each person becomes part of that process and is enrolled, engaged and inspired. Leaders know how to align everyone with their goal so it becomes a mission. They view success as a progress. True leaders know there will be ups and downs, but they don’t quit. They keep going and wait for things to come back up with consistent effort. They keep an optimistic focus and keep going until they get there. NULL

True leaders don’t give up!

FILO – First one in and first one out. From the moment you walk in everyone is watching you. Are you leading by example?  If you care they will care. If you check all the details they will do the same.   The best way to lead is to be a leader and act like a leader through and through. No shortcuts no pretense. It all comes down to Integrity and example. Are you a leader?



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Robert Shemin
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