The Truth About Commitment… and Why Those Who Don’t Reach Their Goals Don’t, and Those That Do… DO! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxYour commitment is only as strong as your last action. Nearly every year, whether it’s on January 1st, or on a birthday, or some other chosen time…tons of people create new goals for themselves to be achieved over the next year. The greatest percentage of these people never achieve these goals that they’ve set.

The reason is nearly ALWAYS without a doubt due to not only their level of commitment, but how they carry out their commitment, and what they accompany their commitment with.

Why Understanding Commitment is Crucial to Your Success… First of all let’s think about this for a moment. What is a goal without commitment? Basically it’s just a fancy hope or dream. If you think that you’re overweight…you probably wish that you could become skinnier. NULL

How far will that get you? Pretty simple to see that it won’t get you very far just wishing, will it? Not a chance. You may even do what some people say is necessary to achieve your goals. You may “visualize” yourself as skinnier. But what is this really except a dream – or “daydream” –with a fancy name. No, neither of these things will get you any closer to your goal without one very crucial thing which is COMMITMENT! ~ The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it. ~ Mack R. Douglas Other Necessary Ingredients That Must Accompany Commitment for Reaching Goals! Now let’s take this a step further though and understand that commitment MUST be accompanied by its BFF.

You see commitment’s best friend is ACTION. Action is the fuel that ignites commitment to get to its destination, which is YOUR GOAL!

So when you’ve got a goal that you want to reach, you don’t want to merely wish that you could attain that goal. It’s a good starting point, but your wish is simply the seed that you must now nurture with love and care. How do you love and care for a wish? You create a PLAN of ACTION and you COMMIT to taking that action each day. Of course we don’t want to grow some little dainty plant here. No, we want to plant the seed and grow a MIGHTY OAK. You may as well commit to achieving greatness if you’re going to take the time and effort to commit and take action anyway, right? Does Commitment Have an Expiration Date? My Answer Might Surprise You… Your commitment is vital to achieving any goal. But what are you committed to? You’re committed to the action that is going to get you to your goal. Your commitment will only get you as far as each step that it takes to get there. Therefore you MUST create your plan of action to get you there, break it down into steps, and then commit to taking those steps each and every day. You cannot grow your mighty oak tree by watering it really well once and then ignoring it, can you? No, you must water it daily. You must nurture it daily, especially in the beginning, and then your mighty oak takes upon a life of its own.

This means that unlike the way most people look at commitment, you’ve got to see commitment as something that you must renew each and every day. Commitment expires each time you perform a step, you therefore must re-commit to take the next step tomorrow, and follow the same pattern the next day and the day after that. This is called PERSISTENCE and it’s the cousin of commitment.

Your commitment is only as strong as your last action. Most people don’t realize this and that’s why they fail to reach their goals. They fail to persist, and renew their commitment each day… and eventually they look back at a life full of distant wishes and dreams that never came to fruition. Don’t be that person! This is YOUR YEAR!


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