The Truth on OPPORTUNITY by Michael York

Michael YorkHow can you have a QUALITY OF LIFE that seems to escape most individuals? By BECOMING UNCOMMON and doing something most never will.  In the early 90’s I found myself in the offices of Hilton/Holiday Inn and while waiting for my appointment noticed a large portrait of Conrad Hilton hanging prominently in the lobby. Under his picture was this caption, “When faced with a choice between SECURITY and OPPORTUNITY; ALWAYS CHOOSE OPPORTUNITY!” —Conrad Hilton Another clue of success left largely unnoticed by the masses of our society when most people have been lulled into some false sense of security by a job, or the government, or someone or something other than their own drive and determination to make something of this life. I’ve also heard it said that the greater your success in building any opportunity, the greater your security. I have indeed found that to be true.

“When faced with a choice between SECURITY and OPPORTUNITY; ALWAYS CHOOSE OPPORTUNITY!” —Conrad Hilton


TIMELESS TRUTHS and WEALTH PRINCIPLES There are certainly a set of principles that the rich, wealthy, successful, and legendary abide by. Discovering these principles can change the course of most any individual. IF (and a big if) you will only go to work on applying and IMPLEMENTING these principles into your life. While there is much talk today about the economy and economic conditions, here is TRUTH;

There is NO LACK of opportunity for GREATNESS today, only a lack of RESOLVE.

Only a lack of study and understanding and commitment to do something extraordinary. Most people won’t do what it takes to BECOME GREAT… even when they know what to do. Sad but true. At this very moment someone is becoming UNCOMMON in the way they live their lives or earn their fortunes. While the great majority (common) plods along, head down, listening to the wrong voices. Because TV is made for MASS appeal, there is little instruction for the top 3% of our achievers. Most of them are at the library. Sound like another clue? Over 20 years ago I learned one of the most profound principles of my now 30+ years in the marketplace when Jim Rohn first told me, “Michael, PROFITS are better than WAGES!” How true. Though that is not what I learned in school. I thought success was about getting a good education, getting a good job, then getting a better job. We’ve programmed generations to think that America is the land of JOBS. Only later in life did I discover why it’s still the LAND OF OPPORUNTITY and what a huge difference that kind of thinking makes for anyone.

What FREEDOM comes with free enterprise.

Wages are NOT a principle of wealth and success, but of dependency and limitation. I wished away literally years of my life waiting for FRIDAY to come because I really NEEDED a paycheck. Wages make you NEEDY. Profits make you WEALTHY.

The power of relationship and network-style marketing is simply attaching yourself to a set of principles and ideas and people who desire FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM. Greater personal development will almost always lead to greater personal FREEDOM, and personal PROFITS in the process.

But it really does matter HOW YOU THINK about things. That is the MINDSET part of business and life. It’s more than just the old adage “attitude is everything” it’s cultivating a different way of THINKING. MILLION DOLLAR MINDSET I recently had the opportunity (amazing how that word keeps popping up) to spend a few moments backstage with billionaire business icon Donald Trump (yep, that one) just before he spoke to over 20,000 entrepreneurs in a packed arena. He has a POSTURE OF SUCCESS that is undeniable. I don’t want to take marriage advice from him, but what he has to say about business and profits and enterprise should cause you and I to pause and at the very least consider what he has to say in this area.

“Why would you buy a house when you could buy a BUILDING?” he said. “Success is simply about THINKING BIGGER.”

And I nodded in agreement. That is the thought process and the advice of a BILLIONAIRE. What should you and I do with it? Think BIG! Why do most people spend major time thinking and discussing things that really DON’T MATTER! It is one of the most telling signs pointing to most anyone’s SUCCESS. BIG MINDS discuss ideas, small minds discuss other people. I love how Michaelangelo put it, “The greatest danger in this life is not that we aim too high and miss. But that our aim is too low and we actually settle for less than we could achieve.” Another TRUTH. You see it all around you every day. Small minds. Small things. Small thinking. With lots of WORRY and BUSY and STRESSFUL actions that are taking individuals in the wrong direction. What if your goal was to see a new sunrise and you just kept walking west? At some point you have to take a new direction or settle for a life of disappointment. How hard you work doesn’t matter if you’re going the wrong way or you’re in the wrong place. Negative is NORMAL Understand that is our society today NORMAL is the default setting in most people’s minds. NEGATIVE is the accepted tone of most all our news and information. Negative thinking and negative conversations about bad news and negative STUFF. That is all-too-normal. Inquiring minds want to know the DIRT right? It’s acceptable. It’s normal. What’s NORMAL? No money. No time, Too busy. Too stressed. No job. Wrong job. Not enough… Wouldn’t that make you want something more than NORMAL? Just knowing that skeptics and cynics abound should give you some clues to what you’ll be dealing with in your business, and why you have such an advantage simply by THINKING DIFFERENTLY!

Think as if your business were paying you millions and you’ll be on your way to actually earning greater profits. A MILLIONAIRE MINDSET is a shaft of brilliant light in a mostly negative and foggy society.

An UNCOMMON Quality of Life Financial Freedom is great. But combining it with TIME FREEDOM is priceless. Having the ability and the capacity to do whatever you choose sets you apart from the great majority. That is the beauty of this industry, networking gives you GREATER FREEDOM and GREATER CHOICES for your life. But with this comes the prevailing truth that not everyone will see it, or do it with you. How can you have a QUALITY OF LIFE that seems to escape most individuals? By BECOMING UNCOMMON and doing something most never will. I once read, “We can’t all be in the parade. Someone has to sit on the bench and applaud as the parade goes by.” My hope, my wish for you is not THE BENCH in life. But your very own PARADE. Opportunity is waiting, even today. Profits ARE better than wages and your own enterprise is right in front of you waiting for you to choose. Waiting for you to DECIDE. Waiting for you to take hold of it and do something amazing with your life. When you begin your parade, it’s amazing how people show up along the way to help you arrive at your appointed destination. To Your Uncommon Success, Michael


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