The Ultimate Success Formula by Frank Bolella

Frank BolellaThe four common principles of successful people Is there such a thing as “The Ultimate Success Formula?” Well, after twenty five years of studying success, I’ve come to believe that there is a generic success formula that can be used to achieve your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in business, athletics, politics, education, or religion. When it comes to success there is one universal system always to be found operating in the life of a successful person. Through the study and interviewing of hundreds of successful people, I found four common principles in their lives. It didn’t matter who they were or where they came from. It didn’t matter what age or nationality they were. It didn’t matter whether they were male or female. NULL

Every one of the super successful people I came across had these four principles in their lives.

To illustrate I want you to imagine that I have the ultimate recipe for the perfect pizza pie. I mean, it’s the recipe for the best tasting, most delicious pizza pie in the entire world. My pizza pie wins the blue ribbon at every pizza contest whether it’s in New York City or Rome, Philadelphia or Tuscany. Everyone agrees my pizza pie is the best in the whole world. Now let’s say I give you my magical recipe for the best pizza pie in the world and you make your own pizza pie. You follow my recipe exactly as it’s written. You put in the exact amount of flour, water, yeast, salt and eggs to make the dough. You use the exact kind of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, pepper, and oregano. Is your mouth watering yet? Boy, I can taste it. Then you bake the pizza at the exact temperature my recipe instructs you to bake it at. You also bake the pizza pie for the exact amount of time that my recipe tells you to. Now let me ask you this question, will your pizza pie taste as good as mine? The answer to this question is of course, yes! It is absolutely yes. You will make the best tasting pizza in the whole world if you follow the recipe for the best pizza in the whole world, every time. Now I’m sorry that in this article I’m not going to give you my recipe for the greatest pizza pie in the world. For the recipe you must read La Appetite Magazine. But what I will give you in this article is “The Ultimate Success Formula” which, when followed, will always result in success. I have watched people transform their marriages and families using this formula. I’ve seen thousands create healthy strong bodies and minds putting it into practice. I’ve coached thousands of people in network marketing, teaching them to implement this formula and witnessed many of them double, triple and even quadruple their incomes in less then a year by utilizing “The Ultimate Success Formula.”

“The Ultimate Success Formula” consists of four key principles. When a person discovers, develops and deploys these four principles success flows into their lives from multiple directions.

When applied to a business there is rapid expansion. When applied to finances there is instant increase. When applied to one’s body there is improving health and vitality. The four principles can be applied to any of life’s dimensions. They will always produce success.

The four principles of “The Ultimate Success Formula” are Engaging Objectives, Empowering Personality, Effective Strategies, and Explosive Action.

When a person has all four of these principles working in their life they will always be excelling to success. If one is missing, success will come at times but the times will be rare. If two or more are missing, success will be elusive. Principle #1: Engaging Objectives The first principle of “The Ultimate Success Formula” is “Engaging Objectives.” Engaging Objectives are the things you want to achieve, do, get, and have. The first thing I discovered in the lives of the super successful is they all knew what they wanted. They all took the time to discover what they wanted and then spent their lives pursuing it. Something else I discovered was that people who are unsuccessful don’t know what they really want. Their goals, if they even have any, are extremely vague.

Successful people have clear concise mental pictures of what they want.

They write them down. They focus on their goals daily. Some practice things like affirmations, scripting, and visualization which help them to better focus on objectives. The unsuccessful, they pretty much just wing it. Like Charlie Brown in a Charles Schultz comic script who shoots his arrow into the tree and then draws a target around it, they fire their arrows aimlessly never really hitting anything.

The super successful I’ve worked with in network marketing are all people who have “Engaging Objectives.”

They have a purpose for their life and organization. They have vision and vision statements describing what they are striving to manifest. They all have goals that serve as millstones towards bringing their vision into reality. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve. What does matter is clarifying it, writing it down, and focusing on it until it’s burning in your heart like a raging fire and becomes an “Engaging Objective.” People with “Engaging Objectives” will achieve one hundred times more than people without them! They live each day filled with passion, overflowing with power and able to persist onward towards the manifesting of their objectives. Principle #2: Empowering Personality The second principle of “The Ultimate Success Formula” is “Empowering Personality.” Every super achiever I’ve ever met or read about had or has an “Empowering Personality.” “Empowering Personality” is the power to influence. It’s first the power to get yourself to do what you know you should do which then gives you the power to be an example. Then it’s the power to inspire and motivate others to do what’s best for them. How does “Empowering Personality” look in the real world?

It’s living inspiration and being an inspiration. “Empowering Personality” is confidence, joy, passion and motivation.

The person with “Empowering Personality” energizes the people in their life. They raise the belief level of everyone they come in contact with. They infuse others with passion. They are people magnets who attract like minded people to themselves and their cause. The person who has “Empowering Personality” is someone who has grasped onto their potential. One of my favorite stories is about an American Indian boy who finds an eagle egg and places it in the nest of a prairie chicken. The eagle’s egg is surrounded by the eggs of the chicken. In time the eggs hatch and the eagle grows up with the chickens. He learns to walk like a chicken, talk like a chicken, think like a chicken, and act like a chicken. He believes that he’s a chicken. Then one day after many years as an old eagle who thinks he’s a chicken he looks up and sees one of his brother eagles floating on the wings of the wind. He stands there in awe gazing upon this magnificent bird with tears flowing down his checks. Then one of his chicken buddy’s comes up next to him and taps him on his broad shoulders and says, “What you looking at pal?” The eagle looks down at him and points upward towards the great eagle in the sky and says, “Look at that great bird.” His chicken buddy then replied, “That’s an eagle, the greatest of all birds.” The eagle continued to stare in awe. Then his little chicken buddy said to him, “Forget it pal. Forget about it. You’ll never be like that. You’re just an old chicken. Come on, let’s go hunting for worms. Let’s go eat some bugs.” Then the great eagle bowed his head, lowered his shoulders, and followed his chicken buddy to eat worms and bugs when in fact he was created to float on the wings of the wind and fly into the sun! This story describes the human dilemma. We were created to be eagles and many of
us have come to believe we are chickens.

The “Empowering Personality” is a personality that grasps onto the fact that we were created with incredible potential, created to fly, created for greatness.

Every super successful person I have ever met had a grasp on the fact of their potential. They recognize their significance, uniqueness, and call to greatness.


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