The Up & Down of Youth in Network Marketing by RS Mallory

RSMalloryToday we find people switching jobs like they change their underwear. This new paradigm shines the spotlight directly on the youth. What does it mean on a personal level, and how does it fit into network marketing and business building? I look forward to your input on this month’s topic I remember when I was a young woman and a new Single Mother back in the 1970’s. Back then Network Marketing was a mysterious entity known as Amway, or maybe even The Fuller Brush man. People really did not understand this new paradigm of selling or business and they equated it with The Colliers Encyclopedia or Britannica salesmen, who were of course, early entries into what we now know as Network Marketing.

The number one value in those days was to establish relationship and practice excellent customer service to RETAIN customers.

 NULL Way back in the 1970’s people were still cleaving to the old familiar direct sales paradigm and the get educated and work for one company for the rest of your life syndrome. Of course, our culture has “matured” for better or worse, and today we find people switching jobs like they change their underwear. This new paradigm shines the spotlight directly on the youth of today. They no longer embrace or see the need for higher education or the necessity of having an alphabet of degrees after their names. They no longer see the benefit or value of creating long term relationships, nor do they have the skills to build and maintain them. Today’s youth do however, bring an incredible energy to the Network Marketing industry. They live and sleep with text messaging, webinars and spontaneity. They are teaching the old pros how to use the technology tools of today to help build their businesses. Interestingly enough though, maintaining personal relationships through continuity, communication skills and the concept of residual income remain illusive to most unless they realize they too must learn and embrace the old fashioned values that all people, regardless of age, respond to in order to create LASTING relationships and more importantly, long term recurring incomes. Back in the 1970’s I could not grasp the idea of entrepreneurship and working at home. It was relatively nonexistent. Had I been able to do so, my life as a single mother would have been totally different, more gratifying and certainly financially more rewarding. I am a trained teacher. My observations and flexibility have taught me that each new generation brings with them some tools or values that I might incorporate into my experience to help make me a more successful person. I have learned that although I have, in the past, always set appointments for certain things, like webinars for instance, that if I want to attract anyone under 40 into my business, I should text them about 10 minutes before the event rather than set appointments (that will be broken). I have learned that attention spans are short lived in the under 40 set and that if I want to educate them, I must do so in short sound bytes or text messages, or develop a webinar that is entertaining, comprehensive and short!

I have learned that attracting younger generations into my business can be a boon to my business and that I must step up to the plate and follow up and teach them how to build and maintain, and the VALUE (financial and intrinsic) of long term relationships.

I have also learned that I must continue to embrace those tried and true old fashioned values that establish, build and maintain relationship and business in order to maintain my organizational success. Flexibility is the key and one should strive to identify leaders of all generations who will be able to teach the skills requisite to their peers learning abilities and styles according to their values. Each generation brings their own values and new skills. Each previous generation has their own values and skill sets.

A healthy and prosperous organization will identify and share those skill sets with each other and assimilate the ones that best fit their needs!

The number one value in those days, as it STILL IS today, is to establish relationship and practice excellent customer service to RETAIN customers.


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