The Value of Value by Randy Gage

Randy GageYou offer prospects two avenues to experience value: Your business opportunity and your product line.  So we’re talking a lot in this issue about providing value. Certainly an important topic in our profession, as it is in all professions. So what does that mean in Network Marketing? Well I have some thoughts I’d like to share on this. Some that will make immediate sense to you, and perhaps a few that may seem controversial.

One thing we hopefully all can agree on is that true prosperity is manifested by providing value. And the more value you provide the universe, the greater prosperity you will manifest.

That doesn’t mean you should operate in an accounting system, trying to keep score of every return action for the value you provide. It isn’t that simple. What is simple is that you can’t out give the universe. If you are providing true value to others, good will find its way back to you. NULL

Okay enough metaphysics, let’s talk practical application in our profession. How do we provide value for prospects? First we can stop trying to sell them stuff! I wish we could get all of the sales trainers out of network marketing and dissuade people from the belief that networks are built with closing techniques, NLP, and other manipulative practices. I think we have to forget about being great salespeople and work on becoming great marketers instead. Nobody wants to be sold, and I don’t think that selling stuff offers much value. Now marketing is quite different… Because I see marketing as more about education.

When you’re a great marketer, you educate your prospect; giving her or him enough information to make a qualified decision about what you’re offering. That’s providing real value.

And perfectly in sync with what network marketing has always been about: Namely getting rid of all of the middlemen and putting the consumer in charge. You offer prospects two avenues to experience value: Your business opportunity and your product line. Instead of “selling” them on one or the other, try just giving them enough information to make the right choice for them. Now, how do we provide value to our team members? Well the discussion should start with the kind of support structure we can provide them to build their business. They need compelling recruiting materials, good product catalogs, and follow up packets. They need solid training on how to use all these materials. They need a team website to stay in touch with the sponsorship line, know when and where the events are, and have access to training resources. There should be a calendar of events, from local opportunity meetings, to regional and national training workshops. Nowadays this probably also means conference calls, webcasts and other online options.

Value isn’t provided by sponsoring someone and waiting to see how much money they will make you. It comes from locking arms with them, and becoming their coach, mentor, and sometimes cheerleader.

Now let’s go to the next level: The ultimate value you can provide your team members… Becoming successful yourself. First. A lot of people think their job is to make their team successful first. But this is backwards. Your first job is to become successful yourself first. You can’t show someone how to become a Diamond Director (or whatever the top rank in your company is) until you become one yourself first. So go out, get to work and become as successful as you’re able. And that is the real value you can provide your team! -RG


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