The Warm Market Myth by Roberto Torres

Roberto TorresWhy not tap into your current warm market WHILE persuading others to know, like and trust you? The subject of “Warm Market” has been thrown around our industry for years. Contact your warm market; don’t contact your warm market, etc. The trend in the last few years has been that contacting warm market is an old school method and that it does not work. The Internet Gurus have a different kind of advice for you, which they say is better and more productive for you. Or do they? Let us take a look and see. Here is what the Internet Gurus and those affiliates marketing their system will tell you. Don’t make a list of friends and family. That won’t work, it’s old school and you’re friends and family are going to give you a hard time and you will be embarrassed to the point where you will never do this business again. They say something to that effect.  NULL

Build a list. – Offer something of value, something with good content and offer it to people to build your list. NOTE: You will have to develop some skills here in the area of writing or video production to come up with this or you can use a Gurus system. Warm up that list. – Continue to send them emails with good content, videos, tips on success, etc. and get that list to know, like, and trust you. Market to that list. – Now that you have gotten that list to know, like and trust you now you can market your opportunity to them and some will join you in your business! BIG PAUSE: I am staring into blank space here like a deer in front of headlights. Please re-read those four points above again. Do it one more time. Do it again, just kidding. Did you see what the Gurus Internet system just taught you? I hope at this point you are saying, “They taught me how to create a warm market of people that know me, like me and trust me!” They just taught you to do what they told you not to do! That is exactly what you had before you used their system! That same old school method that the Internet Gurus tell you won’t work, is exactly what they just showed you to do. The only differences were that you had to use their system and it took you longer to create that warm market. Now, don’t get me wrong and I don’t want to get a bunch of hate mail from the Gurus or their affiliates. I am not saying those system don’t work, nor am I saying don’t use them. What I am saying is that if their systems work use them.

However, you already have a warm market right in front of you. Contact them first as you build your new warm market through whatever system or method you decide to use.

After all, it’s your business. Just don’t miss out on the immediate market for your product or service that is before you. If you don’t someone else will and then you are going to feel really bad that your brother-in-law just built a huge organization in your company and you never approached him because you thought the “Warm Market” approach was some outdated old school method that would not work with the Internet! Have fun and go build it BIG and build it with PASSION!


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