They say, ‘Change is Inevitable’ by Ghazala Jabeen

As I often say to people I deliver my courses and client coaching, you can have the best product, service, or both but if you don’t present your offerings, professionally and confidently, you could lose the interest of your audience and the possibly a deal.

Here are 10 Key Points, I like to train people on when presenting for success, which is as follows: –

1> You need to fulfill a WANT, NEED or BOTH

2> Know your offerings very clearly with proper details.

3> Engagement and content of value are crucial

4> Have good posture, NOT just the way you stand but how you speak, etc

5> Always set the scene so, your audience is clear about what to expect.

6> Have three points to remember Start, Middle & Finish.

7> Always have an incentive, promise or value to offer.

8> Make sure you put emotion and share a story relevant to your audience.

9> Share credible content with proof of claims.

10> Always give a “Call to Action” message.

Create the “know, like, and trust” factor in your presentations.  Rehearse, plan and execute your presentations with clarity and confidence.

As I always say, ‘Present Like a Pro and Sell Like a Superstar’.

Ghazala Jabeen is a Multi-Award Winning Business Owner, No.1 Marketing Machine & Bollywood Burnout – Creator of Million Dollar Professionals and Million Dollar Lady Leaders.  Awarded and featured as one of the ‘100 Most Successful Women around the World’. Recognized and appeared on the TV Documentary for BBC One Wales in ‘The Asian Welsh’ as a Successful Entrepreneur.

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Ghazala Jabeen
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