This isn’t Your Grannies Network Marketing by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonWe are given a new chance, a new way, and new hope of building a business that can be all that we want it to be. Hard core selling, white knuckled pushing and bad follow-up. Have you been in network marketing long enough to remember those days? If you haven’t, have you heard any stories that just reeked of frightening traumatic methodologies? Network marketing is not like it was in the old days! Whew, thank goodness.

We can still learn from what used to be and use the new methodologies too and create some dynamic success.

I was first introduced to network marketing back in the seventies. I was a young girl and really got excited about the prospect of growing a business. But then came the realities, where they started telling me how many hours I needed to work it. They told me the way I needed to be working it. They told me my quotas and were very expressive in their disappointment if I did not meet those quotas.  NULL Then there were all the other things they expected me to do. Like spend every bit of my savings and vacation time going to their big meetings across the country. We did the rah-rah thing but that soon faded and then I didn’t have any money left and my real vacations could not happen. I even remember one couple that was pushed so far about having to be at the big events that they didn’t pay their bills so they could be there. That did irreparable damage to their credit that took a long time for them to overcome. That is why there was and sometimes still is this awful taste in peoples mouth when they think about network marketing. Thankfully this isn’t our grannies network marketing anymore! We are turning the idea of what it can be completely around. We are seeing the good that was always there but hidden deep within the muck of it all. We are given a new chance, a new way, and new hope of building a business that can be all that we want it to be.

We can have the money, the dreams, the success AND the friendships that come from today’s network marketing.

Gone is the hard sell. We now just talk to people about what we do. If it is something that resonates with them then they become a part of it. If they want to jump in full force and get all the benefits they can, then that is what they do. If they just want to make a little extra money for saving, spending, or paying off debt than that is what they do with it. If it means they really only want to become a distributor for the savings that they get by doing so then that is okay too. We as leaders do not need to push anymore. We can find the growth and potential within our businesses without that. And the ease of doing our business is so much improved from the old days. Back then it was call, call, call and more calling. How dreadful was that. Now we can follow-up by email. We can follow-up with information on our websites. We have the ease of mail merging to get information to many people in an easy format. The difference is so incredibly wonderful. Even the way we build our databases have become fantastically easy to build.

We can know who is looking and when and for how long on our websites. We know who is opening our emails. We can track all the information to best serve the needs of our potential customers and downline.

Also the opportunities abound now. We have so many choices of what companies or products we want to be involved in. We can find the things that really have meaning for us, that we believe in, to become an extension of who we are. Even one step better than that is we now are totally comfortable with having multiple streams of income. That means that we don’t have to only choose one. We can believe in and have two, three or more ways that we are using network marketing to share parts of all the different aspects of our lives. We have grown up if you will. We are now in place were we can believe again in what network marketing can do for us and for those that choose to be a part of it with us. It is an incredible time to be a part of network marketing. It is a day of fast, exciting, forward moving experiences and changes that we can now make possible. Would I have always recommended network marketing? No, there was a time when I wanted to run as fast as I could away from it. Now, with what is has become, I embrace it as part of my life.

The successes are out there, not just in the money that can be made but in growth of who we become by being part of these opportunities.



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