This is Your Time to Shine in 2009! by Elizabeth Harrington

Elizabeth HarringtonI am going to start with the end in mind – for real this year.  Or don’t sing the Frank Sinatra song…”put your dreams away for another day…” Trite as that title may sound to you… ask yourself “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t FAIL?” What would your vision look like for the next year? Beyond next year? Betcha a whole lot more than those silly little goals of losing that last 10-20 or MORE pounds, that old familiar rant of “I shall quit smoking”, or even more timely in this economic tsunami this year – get outta debt and save more!? So here we are again, a new year, a chance to renew those vows you make each and every year to yourself –

To do more, to have more, to BE more!

 NULL Come on let’s shake it up and do it differently in 2009! Why should you? Last year I wrote that January 24th is the “bluest” day of the year. Here is what I wrote… in this very magazine a year ago.

“People don’t take the time to really think about what they want to create in their lives.

Statistics prove this point; I just heard on the Oprah radio news today, that on January 24th each year, more people have the blues than any other day. January 24th, is also known to be the gloomiest day of the year! Why? Many people start the New Year with great intentions, great optimism and great resolutions. Still, the stark reality is by January 24th each year, 80% of Americans have already broken their resolution. More seriously than that is the decision they adopt of defeat. They realize it just isn’t going to happen, so they give up trying because they believe nothing will change in their lives.” Where is their resiliency factor? We have all heard the story of Ben Franklin, and the 1000’s of inventions that it took to get one to even work… where would we be if he gave up so early in the game?

My advice to you to achieve real success this January? Become contrarian… disruptive even. Refuse to be one of those dismal statistics. You deserve better – a whole lot better!

The world is full of enough gloomy news. Don’t bring even more of it into your life, your thoughts, your dreams.

“Some people dream about success, and others wake up and do something about it!” Harvey Mackay

An extreme example? I live in the Upper Midwest now – the frozen tundra in winter we call Minnesota. Every time I want to FEEL alive I just step outside and feel old man winter grab me by the ears and blast my breath away!

Live life losing your breath.

Now isn’t that an oxymoron! A bit extreme perhaps but what ever works is my motto. So just say no to giving up on you and your dreams within 24 days of a new year. Decide to belong to a different tribe than that other 80% of defeatists. The new world order needs more leaders. Leaders need to strengthen their character. Toughen up. The network market industry needs more heroes/heroines. Last month I wrote about the season of imbalance. This month add living the season of discomfort. Be different. Think different. Live different. Work different. I’m going to be disruptive this year! YEAH….I believe the old world order is in peril. We are in a time of incredible sea change (meaning massive change.) I am going to be the change. Let’s all shout that we will NOT be sitting on the sidelines whining about falling off the goals wagon 24 days into the new year.

So this year, I am going to start with my Talent and Finish with my Strength.

Care to join me? I am going to live as if Failure wasn’t an option, only an opportunity to expand my learning experiences. I am going to start with the end in mind – for real this year. No more simple goals… I want to really live full out and maximize each lesson life hands out! Recently I joined a networking company going into the momentum phase – Max International. Trying to fit this new project into an already jammed schedule is hard – really hard. The difference here is I am living it, not just writing about it! There is no doubt about that reality. No longer able to work it full-time, as I am in launch phase of a new online TV network,, carving out the time to do the proper activities is requiring Herculean efforts to keep it all together. Now I really know the importance of the WHY factor! Every time I want to blow off this project or just feel negative and want to whine about not having the time, I flip my mind to the vision of my WHY. Why am I doing this? As soon as I breath life into this vision, I can feel it, taste it, see it, hear it, live it. Then I get down to it, so I can make this dream a reality, so I can do it, be it, then have it, all in the process of complete transformation on this journey. Is this worth it?

Ask yourself from your heart- “Is your life worth it?”

This is a much loftier question to ask yourself as you embark on a new year and one more worthy of someone living to their full potential. Up to you. Your world is in your hands. Your time to shine in 2009.


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