THREE (3) BIG CHALLENGES EVERY NETWORKER FACES And How To Rapidly Build Your Business Without Rejection! by Max Steingart

Today, the fastest-growing top earners in most network marketing companies will tell you that they owe their success to being able to fully understand and correctly utilize social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

As social networks continue to become more popular, they have transformed the entire network marketing industry.

Social networks enable their users to interact with friends, family, colleagues, customers, and clients. In addition, users can find people who share similar interests and even prospect for new customers and distributors/reps.


The 3 challenges facing every network marketer today are:

1. How can you cost-effectively generate enough high-quality leads of qualified prospects who are truly interested in your home business opportunity?

2. How can you quickly connect with them on a social network?

3. How can you build a personal relationship with them so they get involved in your business or buy your products/services?

Using social networks to prospect for new clients, customers, and team members for your business can be easy, fast, fun, and FREE when you know the secrets to find the exact people who need and want what you’re selling.


There are 4 SIMPLE STEPS to becoming successful with social networking. They are known as THE 4 C’S: Create, Connect, Communicate, and Close.

> You must CREATE a personal profile that attracts the right people. It’s best when you do it without revealing the details of your company or products and position yourself as an expert or specialist in your field. It is in the profile section where you will also adjust your settings so that your posts can be seen by the maximum number of people. Not having your settings properly adjusted is one of the most common serious problems that I regularly need to correct for people.

> You can CONNECT with a virtually unlimited number of prospects… all for free! That’s because there are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people who belong to LinkedIn and Facebook.  However, it is only when you clearly determine WHO would be an ideal prospect, with a natural interest in what you offer, that you will experience rapid recruiting success. You must learn the most effective ways to search for and identify those specific people who are the most likely to have a built-in attraction to what you offer.

> Once you’ve identified your most likely prospects, it’s time to COMMUNICATE with them. One of the biggest mistakes I see networkers make over and over is that they are in too much of a hurry to make their pitch. They don’t take the appropriate amount of time to have an online conversation with someone, warm them up, or pre-qualify them a bit, before making a presentation. This is really where the “magic” happens. That’s why I provide everyone I coach with exactly the right approach for them to use during this step.

> Once you’ve established the proper communication with people, it becomes a simple process to CLOSE business. In less than an hour or two a day, you can enroll one or more new people every day into your business either as a rep or as a customer when you‘ve successfully executed the first 3 steps. 


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Max Steingart
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