Three considerations for Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company for You. By John Hackett Ed.D.

We are living in amazingly challenging times.

Simon Sinek, in a recent interview for Inc.Magazine Simon Sinek’s Advice to Leaders, Check-in. And Truly Listen referred to COVID 19 as the “Great Revealer.”It has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of our health care system, leadership, organizations, and businesses and the dire need to address social injustice. This time has also shown opportunities in ways, from stay at home workers to companies pivoting to address community needs. The network marketing and direct sales sector of the US economy have become attractive to many people. Many of these companies are seeing increased sales, especially those that pivoted to provide virtual opportunities.

I am the husband of a direct sales leader and can attest to the pivot to virtual meetings and interviews as well as increased sales.

One massive reason for this is that network marketers and direct sellers that are successful have built relationships and now use virtual platforms to connect and reconnect with their customers, teams, and communities. In a time where many people are at home, many are looking for a change . the opportunity to set their hours and earn extra money and be dependent on themselves for growth and advancement are exceptionally appealing. The idea of gradually entering a network marketing or direct sales company parttime to earn extra money, meet new people, and have fun can also be an exciting opportunity.

A decision to choose to enter network marketing is a career choice that can be an exciting avenue to freedom, income, personal growth, and new opportunities.

Like all career decisions, it is essential to enter the decision with an “Eyes Wide Open” perspective. This is a career decision that requires self-examination, discussion, and research. There are three parts to your career decision: you, your support system, and the process of choosing a network marketing or direct sales organization that best fits your plans.

Consider the following questions in each area below to guide your decision-making process.

Questions for You

Self-examination of your beliefs about and knowledge of network marketing and direct sales is critical to making a good decision and committing to success. Everything does not need to be perfect, but being as aware as you can be is critical.

Consider these five questions

 1. What is attractive about this career for you?

 2. What is scary about this career for you?

 3. Do you know about what network marketers or direct salespeople do on a day to day basis to build their business?

4. What strengths do you possess that would enhance your possibilities of success?

5. What areas would you need to work on to be successful?

Questions for your Support System.

 The number one reason people are not successful in my wife’s sales unit is the lack of understanding and encouragement from those in their support system. These people may have little information and negative views of salespeople and network marketers or direct sellers. The lack of support or even sabotage can make your business success difficult

Consider these three questions

               1. Who are your primary sources of support?

               2. Do they understand the essential parts of what network marketers/direct salespeople do?

               3. Do they understand how they can be supportive of your business?

Questions  about the company

An Article posted by  Kristin Kasper, Tyler Smith in Gray DC 

on  May 27, 2020, Pandemic Sparks Interest in Network Marketing notes, “From essential oils to skincare, and cooking utensils; many unemployed Americans are turning to in-home sales to find financial freedom during the coronavirus pandemic.” Unfortunately, in these uncertain times, scam artists claiming to have tremendously profitable and exciting opportunities in network marketers/direct sales have also shown up on social media. Forbes magazine also noted in a June article that the Federal Trade Commission has cited 16 companies for making fraudulent product claims and unrealistic income making claims. This does not mean all network marketing /direct sales companies are evil. It means that your choice must be thought out and researched as Kasper and Smith suggesting the Gray DC article listed above.

Consider these five questions about a company to ask yourself and the person offering you the opportunity.

               1. Does the company have a proven track record of high-quality products, honesty, integrity, and success?

               2. Does the company have a proven record of commitment and support to the customers and success of the sales force?

3. Are you 100% clear on the “nuts and bolts” of the business? Do you understand the initial investment, how to manage sales, taxes, profits and inventory, training and support meetings, ordering requirements and quotas, and return policies for customers? It is also essential to be clear about returns and refunds if this venture does not work for you.

4. What kind of education and support will you receive from the company and person offering you the opportunity? What is their role once you sign up?

5. Do the companies values align with yours, and do you love and use the product or services so much you want everyone to have them?

Here are 13 total questions to consider as you embark on this journey.

If you take a few minutes and review your answers and discuss them with your supporters and the person is offering the opportunity. I would strongly suggest having the person offering the opportunity to meet with you and your support person. This can lead to you feeling more confident and your support person feeling included and informed you will be much more informed on the decision. Network marketing or direct sales companies offer many things we all value, freedom, extra money, connections, and personal growth, to name a few.

I can attest to every one of these experiences for my family with family members who are leaders in two very different but exceptional network marketing/direct sales companies. We have been privileged to drive Pink Cadillacs for the last 42 years. I can also attest that it earned by discipline, preparation, hard work, and knowing what is expected and committing to success are the keys.

Leadership expert John Maxwell says it well “everything worthwhile is uphill.” Ask the questions, do the research, make the decision, pursue it 110% and enjoy the journey. Don’t be too concerned about 13 questions as “Bad Luck”. 13 is just a number. Mary Kay Cosmetics began business on Friday, November 13, 1963. It has worked out great since then.

It is now time for your journey!

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John Hackett
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