Three Keys For Creating ROCK SOLID Business Relationships by Rex Harris

As someone who has been involved with network marketing for more than 20 years now, I learned, early on, the importance of building rock solid relationships!

I get it… most people are drawn to network marketing because of the lifestyle it can create. There’s nothing wrong with wanting, and deciding to cultivate, a better life. But, without people to buy your product or join your business, there is NO BETTER LIFE… so how you treat people matters! 

In this workspace, one poorly chosen word can have an immediate negative impact on your business and reputation. Words, attitudes, and actions matter. Even if words are accidentally spoken in ignorance, recovery is unlikely without repentance.

Learning to think before you speak, act or respond is critical to creating and keeping life-long relationships.

Always remember, in the grand scheme of things, your business isn’t about you… it’s about your customers and associates. The relationships we build, whether they are directly profitable or not, will provide long-lasting value regardless of any individual financial benefit. You may never earn a penny from an individual but an individual who likes, trusts, and respects you can send enough business your way to prosper you financially.

For the MLM business owner, building relationships and providing exceptional support encompasses TWO unique groups of people… customers and associates (aka representatives, distributors, affiliates, etc.)

Understanding what BOTH of these groups NEED from you creates a rock-solid foundation for a quality relationship, right out of the gates.

Here are the three keys to understanding what people NEED from you…

1.) People want to feel loved. 

2.) People want to feel needed. 

3.) People want to be part of something.

When you stop and think about this, it’s easy to see why so many people fail to connect with their customers and associates on an intimate level. It’s IMPERATIVE for the seasoned MLM vet to teach those who are new to the workspace that understanding people’s FEELINGS is one of the two primary keys to success!

The conversations are much different when people, through your WORDS and ACTIONS, can see and feel that you genuinely care about their success… not for your benefit, but for theirs.

We demonstrate love through the way we treat people and we show them they are needed by soliciting their help to spread the word and solve a problem. They become part of our community (become a customer or associate) because they FEEL loved and needed. 

I’ve been using this wisdom since the day it was first shared with me. It had an immediate impact on my life and my business. I pray it brings an increase to you as well. Shalom!

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Rex Harris
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