Three Things Learned About Duplication In Network Marketing, Gleaned By Growing Up As A Twin by George Madiou

George-MadiouSuccess in life, success in business.

Is success in a business by chance or is it by design? There are people in every company that are the most successful and there are people in the industry that have experienced great success in multiple companies that they have been in over their career. This was not accomplished by chance or luck. These leaders had a system and they duplicated it down into their group. Let me share my personal story and pathway in duplication.

I have a unique view about duplication, you see, I’m a twin. I’ve dealt with duplication since before I was born.

Duplication as twins has some similarities as duplication in business as a successful networker. Both require that you bring to the table your own personality, enthusiasm, dedication to the project at hand and desire.

Another thing that they both have in common is, for success in both life as a twin and success as a network marketer, it’s necessary to have some skills and direction that you don’t necessarily bring to the table but you acquire from outside of attitudes that you bring to the table. This is where duplication comes in.

Growing up with my twin brother Gene we were on a rapid learning path. This accelerated path was fueled by learning things from one another, that the other had picked up in the learning curve, in other words, we were plugged into the duplication process! 11 ½ months later when our younger brother Ray came along, (yes it was like having triplets in our house) Ray became a master of duplication rapidly learning from the lessons that the twins had learned the year before. Ray was so good at this duplication process that Gene and I concede that Ray over the years was naturally smarter and better equipped to cope with life situations than his older twin brothers. All from applying duplicated knowledge and skill sets, many from his older brothers.

So what can be learned from this duplication similarity? Three things:

1. Seeking out knowledge and experience from successful people that came before you.

Acquiring the required knowledge for success in network marketing, requires seeking out the best successful sources, for you to duplicate this knowledge, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This drastically cuts the time to become a proficient and successful networker.

2. Applying the knowledge and experience from successful people that came before you.

Applying what you sought out is more important than just seeking knowledge. Seeking knowledge just for collection sake without applying it, gets you nowhere. You might as well start a stamp collection, it will get you just as far in life. When you apply the knowledge required for success and you learn the valuable lessons from mentor’s experiences, you develop a foundation solid enough to build a successful and long lasting business.

3. Passing it along or DUPLICATING.

A successful business does not end with you. A strong and long lasting business requires building a strong team. This team is developed through duplicating great success systems and passing along what you have learned and practiced in your own successful business.

If you’re not already a twin there’s nothing that you can do about that, but you can learn from a twin and use the knowledge and experience of one.

Apply this knowledge and experience and pass it on to your team by DUPLICATING!

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