Three killer-easy secrets to getting new prospects! by Beatty Carmichael

Beatty CarmichaelIt’s simply a numbers game!  The #1 reason people stop recruiting is they have run out of prospects to talk to. However, it’s easy to solve the problem if you just apply a few easy “secrets” that generate new prospects almost automatically! If you think about it, people are everywhere we go and they are looking for ways to make more money. So, let’s talk about how to get them to find you! The first thing you need is a voicemail with a pre-recorded greeting. Now, not just any greeting will work. We’ve tested tons of greetings at, and the only greetings that we’ve found effective are those that are less than 3 minutes and chocked full of powerful testimonials. NULL

The bottom line is when prospects call the message, they must get excited about what they hear. And that’s what the testimonies do.

We pioneered this with our product Sizzle Line(r). You can use Sizzle Line(r) yourself where it’s already created, or create a similar message on your own. After getting your pre-recorded voicemail message put together, the next step is to get people you’ve never met calling it. When they do, those who are looking get excited and you call them back. Those who aren’t looking hang up early and weed themselves out. Pretty simple, huh? Okay, so here are three killer-easy ways to get prospects calling your Sizzle Line(r) and turning into hot prospects… Killer Method #1: Use a rear-window sign on your car. I remember getting an email from a guy a while back and in it he said, “I have to tell you this story. I was pulling into my driveway and another car pulled in right behind me. The guy got out of his car and said, ‘I have been listening to that message from the sign on the back of your car. Can you tell me more?'” And that person set an appointment for the next day! Another user, Charlotte, put a sign in the back of her car and got 12 prospects in 10 days! We are talking about doing something ONCE but continuing to get prospects over and over again! Another person was checking out at the cash register and noticed an older man writing down her Sizzle Line number from the back of her car. A short while later he called, left a message, and she recruited him. What type of prospect was he? He was a 67 year old physician!

A sign on the rear window of your car can typically produce enough prospects for the average person to recruit between 6 and 12 people a year.

Killer Method #2: It is what I call GAPping. GAP stands for Grab-A-Pen! It’s really as easy as calling a friend and saying, “Sue, grab a pen and write down this phone number!” Then you give her your voicemail number and ask her to call. It’s a powerful and easy way to approach people with a professional introduction. I’m remembered of one man who couldn’t get his own daughter to look at his business for four years. Then he got this system and had her call the number. The result? She called him back and asked to get involved! Killer Method #3: Sticky Notes Sticky notes are great to periodically leave on driver door windows of parked cars when you go places. We figure they work in about 70% of the cities and when they do they are a great way of finding prospects. Here’s what you do… When you pass parked cars, place a sticky note message, like a Post-It Note, on the driver door window. Don’t do every car, but maybe every 2 or 3 cars. The key is to make the note personal, such as: > “Please call, it’s important. Sue” (give your first name only), then give your voicemail number. Or another message might be: > “Need to talk. Call me. John” then put your voicemail. Keep it light, and keep it curious. One person, John, had just gotten his voicemail. He heard about the sticky note concept and put out 100 notes at the mall. Within about two hours he had 22 prospects! Now this isn’t typical most results are less than that but can you see the power? Focus on doing 50 to 100 notes a week and create a consistent flow of new prospects. It’s simply a numbers game!


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