Three reasons why men in Network Marketing should seek out women as their teammates by George Madiou

George-MadiouMen who aggressively seek out women as partners in their business are more likely to succeed than those who try to grow their business with just their buddies. One of the fundamental keys to the growth and success of your business is to develop a team of women networkers. They don’t need to be experienced, seasoned veterans. They can be brand new to networking. There is a reason why 85% of all network marketers are women, and listen guys; I’m suggesting that you don’t buck this trend. I suggest that there are three great reasons that men should seek out women, as partners in their business.

#1 – They understand why.

Women have a great ability to understand why they are doing what they are doing. Men, understand this; women are able to put their finger on the reason they are willing to engage in a project like starting a business and do what ever it takes to succeed.  NULL The reason this is so important is because if you don’t have a clear understanding of WHY you’re in business you will never be able sustain the ridicule, sneers and snide questions that will come up to place doubt in your mind on why you’re doing what you are doing. Women have the ability to have a laser focused picture of what they want to accomplish in their business and the benefits they want for their effort. If they don’t, they are able to pick up on this important skill set quickly. Once your partner knows what her WHY is (and you also know what it is) she is able to relate to other women (and men) on their team, to discover their WHY. The relationshipping that this skill creates develops a bond that will last a lifetime. The reason this is so important is:

People don’t join companies; They join people.

Understanding your WHY and the WHY of your team is essential to the success of your business. Seek out women, they get it!

#2 – They have the patience

Women have the understanding that patience is a reality of life and there is no magic wand that makes things happen with a wave of the hand. As a result of this understanding, you will often see an organization grow at a steady, solid rate. Impatience is the death of any business. For some reason, we men, expect things will happen in a blink. When it doesn’t happen like that we’re off to something else or we just lose interest altogether. Our counter parts rarely act with impatience; they have the long view of the project. The last point goes along with the first two and that’s;

#3 – They listen

For the most part women have the excellent skill of listening. When you have the patience to listen, you will build relationships that will lead to understanding what others are looking for. This includes customers and business building partners. When you listen to the words and seek the meaning of what the person you are with is giving you and you ask questions of clarification, you will be perceived as someone who is genuinely concerned. Don’t get me wrong, men can possess these skills but if they come more naturally with women why wouldn’t you look for more women customers and business partners? If women have the patience to listen and ask the correct questions to understand a person’s WHY, the thing that motivates them, I suggest that you men out there should understand these important traits and start considering the more successful gender for your team! Aim high! George Madiou!


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