Three Skills You Need to Build Your MLM Business by Kimberly Rhodes

Kimberly RhodesWith some effort you can learn and implement them with an assurance of building a real business that will generate passive income and time freedom. In all my years I have been working with network marketers I am still surprised how many of them still believe all they have to do is talk to people and you can build a real MLM business. “Well I am here to tell you: nothing could be further from the truth!” It simply breaks my heart because most of the time it’s a one way road to disaster. And the worst part is; it just does not have to happen. If you want to avoid their fate (and I KNOW you do!) here are: The 3 skills you must master for massive network marketing success. Become an authority – Now if you are new to the business you may think,”How can I become an authority when I am not making the big bucks?” The truth is you can. One of your first goals is to learn something useful to both you and someone else you might want to recruit. An example of this would be how to write articles, make videos or create a blog. NULL

Once you have done so make sure you have a process that can be duplicated and then teach it to the next person. Then move from competency to mastery. Once you have proven results and start to share them you will be regarded as an authority.

Demonstrate Leadership – You may have heard the saying.’Follow the leader.’ Well what most people don’t know is that if you want to build a team it is critical to develop leadership skills. People want to be sponsored by someone who they feel can help them get what they want.

One way to do that is to create a plan for your business and your team. Make sure you have a clear vision for where you are going and how you intend to get there.

Then you will be able to effectively share your vision with people who you might do business with. Build Your Tribe – One of the things you may hear is make your list of friends and family and share your business. While I am not going to say not to do it but I can say you probably won’t get wealthy that way. You don’t want to beg people to look at your business. Your goal is to find your ideal client or business partner and create an environment where your people will love to hang out and be a part of because they feel a connection to the community or tribe you are building.

Learning the skill of building and retaining your tribe is important to long term success.

No matter how long you have been in business, chances are you are missing one of these important skills. The good news: with some effort you can learn and implement them with an assurance of building a real business that will generate passive income and time freedom. If you would like to mastery these skills then go to and sign up to receive actionable tips and strategies for your network marketing business.


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