Three ways of adding value by George Madiou

George-MadiouThere are many ways of adding value to others in your network marketing business but there are three that stand out the most.  There are many ways of adding value to others in your network marketing business but there are three that stand out the most. The first way of adding value to others is to add value to you. Becoming the best YOU that you can be rubs off on all the people you come in contact with. The more you grow, the more you share with others. You will share both consciously and unintentionally, but none the less, you will be giving value to you and others. How do you do this?

First, work on yourself. You are the biggest asset that you have.

You would never consider not changing the oil in your car or not servicing it would you? Of course not! That’s the fastest way of destroying your car. When you keep up with the maintenance of your automobile it will last much longer and serve you well. NULL

When you work on yourself, you just become stronger. Consistency is the key. Add to your strengths. Read at least a half hour each day. Take a subject that is of extreme interest to you. Become better and better at it. At, we tag all articles with key subjects. This way we are able to go to the drop down menu on the home page and sort the almost 1000 articles in our library, by the subject you want. This is only one of the ways to fill in your reading time. Try this out. If you want to become a master prospector, go to the drop down menu and sort by the key word PROSPECTING. You will find over 70 articles on prospecting. In just reading these articles a half hour each day and applying what you learn from the authors you resonate with, you will be one of the best prospectors in your company. Now, by following that half hour per day exercise, what will happen to those you come in contact with? Your downline team mates, your upline, your prospects? They will all benefit from you working on improving yourself. You will give value to yourself and many others.

The second way of giving value is to become the best at knowing and understanding the products and services that are sold by your company.

The more YOU understand your company products and services, the easier it will be to recognize the need for these products and services when you are talking to prospective customers, business building prospects and people already on your team. No one wants to buy from you just because you need to make a sale. It’s not about you! What if you sell an incredible international calling product and you come across a prospect that does business all over the world? If you are the best at knowing the details and benefits of your program you will come across as a problem solver to this prospect and not a sales person. The same is true for what ever you represent in your company. Give value by being the best at knowing the products and services that you represent.

The third way you give value in your network marketing business is the business opportunity it self.

Not every one is looking for a business, but in today’s economy we are finding more people who are in the “Looking Zone”. Let me explain. Two years ago just about anyone who became a real estate sales person did very well in the real estate boom of the time. Most real estate sales people who were approached by network marketers were just not in the “Looking Zone”. Fast forward 2 years and now 90% of those sales people have left the profession or are not doing well at all. Many of these sales people are now in the “Looking Zone”!

As a professional, you now have the opportunity to take people that are in the “Looking Zone” and question them and really listen to them to find out if they are truly looking for a new opportunity.

The key is to listen and ask good probing questions. By doing this properly you will be able to kindle an interest if one is there. Just because a person has lost their job, does not mean they are looking for the opportunity that you have. By rushing this process you may be doing this person and YOU a disservice. The value that you can give in regard to offering a business opportunity to someone in the “Looking Zone” is to develop some great probing questions and listen carefully to see if there is a great fit. This may seem to be the longer way to grow your team, however, the true value is when, what you have to offer, fulfills a true need in the other person and it is the best way to benefit you and your new team member. The three ways the great networkers give value are, becoming the most knowledgeable and skilled as you can be in skill sets that allow you to grow as a person and as a professional. The second way the best networkers give extraordinary value is being the most knowledgeable about the products and services they represent. The third way the outstanding networkers give true value in their business is learning to ask the right questions to find out what their prospective business partner desires and become an extreme skilled listener! Aim high! George Madiou


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