THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS By Max Steingart: “The Father of Social Networking”

Today, many thousands of network marketers are making significant incomes resulting from their strategic use of social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook… and so can you. 

You can think of the various social media platforms as a kind of “Looking Glass”. These sites give their users the ability to present themselves to the outside world in a controlled way. The content they post mirrors their lives. LinkedIn and Facebook give you the ability to look through the window and examine that information with a magnifying glass. By paying special attention to their profiles, personal information, and posts, you can compare them to those you think would make an ideal prospect for your products or business.

Imagine going to a cocktail party or a popular bar and every person there was wearing a huge sign telling you about their likes and dislikes. Their work and education. How they spend their leisure time. Their family status and activities.

If that were true, how easy would it be for you to pick out the ones who would be the best people to walk up to, introduce yourself, and begin a conversation?

Obviously, some people are better to connect with than others. So, it would be a huge advantage to determine which people to spend your time with in advance.


Imagine you had a bowl of mixed M&M’s in front of you. If you wanted only the green and red M&M’s, it would be an easy task to select them while leaving the others. 

Pretend your prospects were color-coded like M&M’s. The green ones are those who are ripe for a conversation. They are a “Go”. The red ones are red-hot prospects. Whereas the blue ones are too cool for you. The yellow ones are too scared to start a business. The brown ones have negative attitudes and poop on other people’s ideas. And of course, you want to avoid the nuts.


To be successful, all you have to do is connect with enough of the “right” people who need or want what you’re selling.

Having access to over 2 billion people around the world means nothing if you’re not talking to the right people.

The key to success with your business using Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social network is first to realize that only a certain percentage of the people on them will be pre-disposed, ready, and eager to buy your products or get into business with you.

Instead of wasting time talking to a bunch of people who will NEVER buy what you’re selling, you can subtly qualify someone by asking casual questions.

The level of success or failure you will experience when attempting to qualify someone as a prospect directly corresponds to the quality of the questions you ask and the answers you receive.

The more selective you are about who you talk to, the more successful you’re going to be. 

The better prepared you are with knowing what to say, and what not to say, the better your results will be.

Learning and using proven strategies and scripts is guaranteed to have an immediate and profound effect on your bottom-line profitability.


Here is something important to be aware of BEFORE you ever begin talking to anyone about your business, whether on a social network or in person.

First, you MUST know what their previous or current experience is with network marketing. (For all you know, they might have been in your company.)

The key to avoiding rejection is to never talk about your business until you’ve learned that they need or want what you’re selling.


Suppose for a moment that you only talked with people who needed and wanted what you’re selling. If you learned how to do that, you would never experience rejection. Imagine that!

The SECRET to having profitable conversations which result in a sale is to remember that it’s all about the other person. Once you identify a person’s needs or problems by asking simple questions, you can then introduce your solution. 

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