TIME, the enemy or the key to your success! by George Madiou

Why is TIME for some people the enemy or the source of incredible success in their life?

We ALL have 60 seconds in every minute. 60 minutes every hour. 24 hours every day. 365 days every year. This year I turned 70 years old which is 36,792,000 minutes as of June 4th. I chose to keep it by the number of minutes, You get the idea!

The point is, we all have the same amount of time in, let’s say a week. Can we control it? Actually no, it is, what it is. 

Then what is the problem? Why isn’t it an issue for some and a big issue for others?

This is a perfect issue to explore at the start of the new year of 2023! This is not a New Year’s Resolution Issue, we have some of our best experts giving strategies for this perplexing problem.

I’m glad You made it to the last article (mine is always the last!)

I have a suggestion. Before we launch every issue (this being our 207th consecutive monthly issue launched on the first of each of those months,) I read every article one last time. This month it dawned on me that with the very start of the new year of 2023, what a GREAT issue!

The reason this thought became apparent is the contributors have taken this month’s theme and have given us an incredible SUCCESS gift for this new year.

Time is such a big issue in our lives and they have in their own way, given us so many success tips that we can put to use all year it can be summed up with one word and that is FOCUS. By rereading each article, I have gotten some powerful success ideas for 2023.

I have a suggestion.

My desire is to increase the success of our members. My challenge to you is, EVERY month this year, you take a few minutes to read 1 article in January’s issue (there are 20 articles this month). I am certain that by December 2023 you will discover at least one breakthrough idea each month, giving you 12 success creating ideas for your business this year. In January 2024 I will invite you to share your story with us and we will publish them a year from now.

I wish you a blessed and successful 2023. Don’t hesitate to email me your updates throughout the year! George Madiou [email protected]

George Madiou
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