“Tips & Tricks Exposed To Get More Time in The Day” by Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

Have you ever wondered how you can truly fit everything you wanted to get done in one day?  What if you could make more time in a day? Would you waste it, or do something new and adventurous?

The average person divides a day into 30 minutes or an hour. Daytime planners are created that way. But what if you could quadruple your time in a day, just merely by breaking it down into 15-minute segments?

I created a system when I was going to college in the early 1980s, which worked for me in getting more accomplished in less time. Through discipline and focus, the outcome was incredible.  I had a vision of where I wanted to end up, and a pathway that was clearly lined out. I also had a timeline, so I knew what had to be done each 15 minutes of my waking hours. I still use this today when I am extremely focused on reaching a goal.  I call this my Super Sonic Actionmode. 

I came up with this when there was much I wanted to accomplish in my first three-month semester. I created charts and graphs with my timeline, plus even had it color-coded so at-a-glance, I would know my schedule.  I also wanted to balance my efforts with all that I was wanting to accomplish. 

My new time clock also psyched my mind into thinking I had more time segments, compared to hours in a day.

The 15-minute segment day-time schedule was called, “Zippi-Time”. Every 15 minutes were called “Zipits”.

For example, my six hours of sleep at night turned out to be twenty-four 15-minute zipits, and it made me feel like I was getting quite a bit of rest. It worked!

I know this may not seem to have anything to do with network marketing, but it does, as my MINDSET was determined enough to discipline myself and create the steps to make it happen.  

Having disciplined action is what brought me to reach my end goal.

Also, disciplined action is what keeps you ahead of everyone else. If you have the desire, you will find a way.

The zippi-time method is perfect when doing income-producing activities in building your business.  Instead of a 30-minute block to make a few calls, by using 15-minute zipits, you can hone your time and focus to get more done. You’ll be surprised by the outcome. 

This also works well with finding more time for YOU.  By breaking down the 15-minute zipits, you can have one task four times a day, for example, Exercise for 15 minutes, in the morning, noon, and evening. Or read a book for 15 minutes a day, work on a hobby, put your feet up, and meditate for 15 minutes. There is so much you can do by arranging and rearranging your 15-minute segments and having more time each day for everything.

My challenge for you is to TRY IT.

“Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.” -Author unknown

To completely experience super-sonic action with Zippi Time, go to my website, and download your own FREE copy of the ZIPPI-TIME Daily Schedule. You can micro-manage your time and make it work for you.

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Christine Campbell
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