Tips on Reducing Your Attrition Rate by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverIncreasing your conversion ratios and reducing attrition can start with giving thought to who you are attracting in the first place.  Here is a question from CM, who writes; “I started using the Natural Selling methods a couple of years ago and have found it to be very effective in my lead calling. Previously I was trolling through the numbers as we were taught to do and my sign up rate was about 1 in 50. With Natural Selling I have signed in 3 people out of 10 that I speak to. More usually it is around 1 in 10-15. Much better rates and the conversations are more pleasant too. However, despite this I am still having a fairly high attrition rate – can you give me some advice on how to prevent or at least reduce this when calling leads?” First, congratulations on increasing your conversion ratios. To answer your questions, I have to ask some questions which will possibly give you some clues. NULL

1. What is the quality and focus of your lead generation?

If the copy in your advertisement is geared toward things like;

  • Just getting leads
  • Finding people who just want to make lots of money in a short amount of time
  • Making statements like you have an “easy duplicatable system” and “that it’s easy to do” and “anyone can do it in their sleep”

….then you’re likely to have a lot of tire kickers who are just interested rather than serious. People who will probably drop out when they finding there is work involved! However, if your copy is geared toward attracting people who…

  • REALLY are looking to make a difference
  • Are clear that they want to do it by having their own business
  • Are NOT looking for a get rich quick scheme

… then you’re going to attract people who are more realistic about what they have to do. 2. Assuming you’re attracting the latter, then the next question is…

Are you qualifying them as to their commitment to do what it takes to change their present circumstances?

This I feel is the most important part of qualifying… making sure your potential partner is committed to some degree before you go any further into presenting how your solution can help them. It’s helpful to let them know why you are asking this! You can say something like… “The reason I’m asking is that my associates and I are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into initially helping you achieve what you want, and I think you’ll agree that if we are to do that then it’s important that you’re committed to take consistent action on this venture – would you agree?” What this does is…

  • Help them be clear as to what it’s going to take
  • Puts the responsibility directly on them
  • Helps them remember the commitment they made to themselves when the going might get a little tough later on

This should help you reduce your attrition. Qualifying Questions, such as the one I suggest above, can be asked anywhere in the Discovering Stage of the Natural Selling Conversation Framework. You can read more about Qualifying Questions, how to use them and how they fit in with the flow of your dialogue in Chapter 12 of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!”

Remember, the initial purpose of Qualifying Questions is to make sure the other person is ready to take the next step.

They also eliminate any misunderstanding or misinterpretation. By doing this you ensure that the people who join your team are ones who are prepared to make a change and who will stick with you.


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