Tired of moving pixels on a computer screen to get prospects? by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiter8 quick actions you can take to increase your personal contacts * Have 5,000 imaginary friends on Facebook that don’t care about you? * Tired of playing pen pal and writing sales messages that no one reads? * Disgusted with low quality prospects that are only “lookers” and waste your time? Not enough good quality prospects = Stress! When we only have a few prospects, we press, we push, we strain to make them join our opportunity. Prospects feel this pressure and instinctively back away from us. This leads to fewer prospects and the vicious cycle gets worse and worse.

When we have an abundance of prospects, we’re happy. We are not desperately waiting for a single decision from a single prospect. We aren’t married to the outcome of a single presentation. Instead, we’re relaxed.

 NULL We simply share our opportunity and take the first prospects who volunteer and step forward. Now we’re working with volunteers and we have more great prospects waiting in line. Which scenario describes your career? Are you pressing and struggling from too few prospects? Or, are you simply accepting applications from the best volunteers from your large pool of quality prospects? The solution is simple. Increase your marketing so that you have an abundance of prospects. Why not increase your personal contacts now? Here are eight quick solutions. 1. Host your class reunion. You don’t have to wait for a 10-year or 20-year anniversary. You can do it anytime. 2. Take your best three or four headlines and first sentences and test them. Mail out 100 postcards and test the response for each. 3. Start your own breakfast club. Have the members send you presold prospects. 4. Offer to be a guest on a local radio talk show. (And yes, you can be an Internet radio talk show host too.) 5. Loan out ten “How To Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery” books or your company’s prospecting CD. 6. Establish some new contacts who will send you referrals. Many people are glad to help you just for the good feeling it gives them. 7. Pass out 10 product CDs explaining the benefits of your product or service. 8. Pass out 10 product samples or information packs. There are plenty of ways to expand your universe of quality prospects without using the Internet. Just pick a method that’s comfortable for you. And if you want to build leaders to make your business grow faster, take this free mini-course at http://www.fortunenow.com/public/137.cfm Tom “Big Al” Schreiter writes the Big Al Report. There are 7 mini-reports on sponsoring that can help motivate you to build fast by showing you exactly what to say and do. Just download the reports at http://www.BigAlReport.com


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