TNMM April 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

What do I do when someone says “I want to understand how I can make money in ‘this’?”

Flustered But Determined – NYC, NY


Dear “Flustered,”

First, I would get clarity on their question. Are they asking to see the compensation plan or what to actually do in order to create an income?

I suggest that most prospects, particularly those new to MLM, will not understand a compensation plan.

The perception of most is that you either have to sell or recruit large numbers to move through the plan. 

First, I would tell them that there are three things they need to commit to:

Using the product or products, which I refer to as consuming;

Having people use or try the products, is called Promoting;

And finding others interested in being independent distributors and enrolling them.

But it’s not how MUCH you do of these that counts. It’s creating a small amount of business volume that anyone could do, and teaching others to do it, teach it, and teach how to teach it.

The real promise of network marketing is ‘residual income” which comes from “volume.” Most have not observed that “volume” is the key to any compensation plan. So for the person who is asking “How do I make money?” My reply would be, how much do you want to make, and in what period of time?

THEN show him YOUR plan on how to make your compensation system work for you…and them.

Dear Uncle Russ:

I’ve found third-party calls to be very useful sometimes. What do you do, when you want upline support, but your prospect says: “I just want to talk to YOU?” 

Learning as I snow___ Imsoverit,Idaho

Dear “Learning,”

I hear a concern. 

Many, many people, including I, have been the proverbial ” ‘Turkey’ at the turkey shoot.” when an underconfident distributor decides they need a “Big Gun” to close the sale. They’ve found themselves cornered and pressured by a detached third party whom they might not even know. 

So I would handle it this way:

 “I sense you may have a concern. I would only like to introduce you to someone who I’ve become quite close to. They are more than a coach, they are a friend. They have much more knowledge and experience than I do and they may be better at answering your questions or concerns.

 This is JUST an introduction and a friendly conversation.

 I PROMISE they will not be there to hard close you or pressure you to do something on my behalf. I’ve told them a little bit about you and they’d like to meet you, offer their input, and support your interest in us all working together. Will it work for you now, to set something up?”

Dear Uncle Russ:

How do I know if someone is open to or looking at the possibility of MLM?

Curious Jim ___ Mesa, AZ

Dear “Curious,”

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Russ DeVan
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