January 2023

Issue #207

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The men and women in the photo are just some of the people in our World Leader program, who are dedicated  to improving the image of our great proffession and are here to make every day count to your success.

To become one of our great World Leaders, a program shining a positive light on our profession and dedicated to increasing the success of those who are willing to learn and apply the success principles for their victory in their business.

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January 2023 Feature: Can We Control Time?

We ALL have 60 seconds in every minute. 60 minutes every hour. 24 hours every day. 365 days every year. This year I turned 70 years old which is 36,792,000. I chose to keep it by the number of minutes, You get the idea!

The point is, we all have the same amount of time in, let’s say a week. Can we control it? Actually no, it is what it is. 

Then what is the problem? Why isn’t it an issue for some and a big issue for others?

This is a perfect issue to explore at the start of the new year of 2023! This is not a New Year’s Resolution Issue We have some of our experts giving strategies for this perplexing problem.

Go to the last article (of mine) where I offer a success challenge!

Enjoy this month’s issue! George Madiou Founder & CEO


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Be On Time! by Steve Dailey

Being on time reflects a sense of confidence, organization, conscientiousness, and competence.  I have a friend that is always late. I don’t mean "always" like...

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