October 2021

Our first legend that we are bringing on as our 2nd columnist is the subject of this month’s cover, Shane Morand. Shane has a long success resume. He has been responsible for building, not one, but three billion-dollar companies, and he is working on his fourth! Shane is an expert on Napoleon Hill’s work, Think And Grow Rich. Shane will be taking each month’s topic and do a teaching from a chapter of the book.


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Your “Why”

Our “Why” is to help as many people discover the blessing of a successful network marketing business for you and your family.

Discover what the experts have for you this month on “Your Why”!

This is our 16th-anniversary issue!

In the last 16 years, we have had 192 straight issues without missing the first of every month. We have had over 300 contributors writing just under 3,000 articles to share their great wisdom to help you grow your business to financial success. We have become a powerful resource in our network marketing profession, worldwide. Use this resource and enjoy the start of our 17th year!

Over the years I have written a column each month. We are adding two legends to add tremendous value to you that will join me as a monthly columnist.

Our 2nd legend is Russ DeVan. If you are not familiar with this internationally known teacher and trainer, you are in for a real treat. Russ DeVan has helped more networkers to earn 5, 6, and 7 figure incomes than almost any other trainer. Russ will be writing a column called “Ask Russ!”

The thing that I love about Russ is, for years, I have admired the book, The Greatest Networker In The World. The “greatest networker,” that John Milton Fogg created the character from, in this classic story, was Russ DeVan! You know that you will be getting incredible wisdom for you and your business.

Next month we will be rounding out our column with a very talented author and contributor Stacey Hall. Stacey will be interviewing some of the most gifted women in our profession! Stacey always has incredible insight that you will always pick up a gem that you will be able to use in your business right away!

Aim High.

George Madiou


Your Why By Shane Morand

Your Why By Shane Morand Shane explains that success is not the how it's the why. Editors note.......... This month we are adding Mr. Shane Morand as one of our contributing columnists. Shane is one of the all-time successful networkers, leaders, teachers, and coaches. We are honored to have him...

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The DNA of WHY by Jack Zufelt

In quiet, reflective moments, most of us would acknowledge that there is something missing from our lives, something half-finished, something envisioned but never realized. They search everywhere for that elusive “purpose” that will bring clarity, give meaning to their lives and bring happiness to them. This “something” usually relates to...

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The Power of Your Why in this Reset By John Hackett Ed.D.

The Power of Your Why in this Reset; When  You Know Your Why You Know Your Way "If you survive the pandemic, you will be either better or worse; you will not be the same."   Pope Francis Welcome to Fall. No matter where you live, the seasons are changing some more...

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Your Why By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

What is the purpose of our business? The only reason for a business to exist is to solve problems. If no one ever got hungry, there would be no reason for restaurants to exist. If we look at our business as a tool to solve prospects’ problems, it gets easier....

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WHY NOT! BY Stacey Hall

This is all about building real, authentic relationships and attracting dream clients who actually want to buy your products and services… so you can finally grow your business.Sign up for Network Marketing Magazine and get access to this and all the information for making you a Network Marketing success story. Click...

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