TNMM February 2024 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

I am becoming increasingly convinced this business is not for me. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE and believe in the products, and I find customers here and there but seem to fail at finding distributors who will last long enough to make this worth my while. If I could just consistently earn 300 Euro a month…it would change my life! What are your thoughts?

Iris ____ Kalamata, Greece

Dear Iris:

A great  coach once told me that “the best way to avoid a breakdown is to have a plan and a strategy for an expectation to be met. Many of us labor under the illusion that if we try hard enough or work hard enough, a goal will be realized. The key to your success begins at 300 euro.

So what exactly would need to happen in terms of wholesale volume and/or customer acquisition within the parameters of the company’s comp plan, for you to be residually making $300 euro? That becomes your milestone and your duplicatible effort.

Dear Uncle Russ:

My background has been in the insurance business as both a successful broker AND a sales leader and trainer. How do I apply what I know, to building a successful network marketing business?

Bill R.___     Round Rock, TX

Dear Bill:

The sales, sales training, and general people experience you have, Bill could improve your chances for success in MLM greatly. The majority of people are afraid to sell or carry some condescension or even a disdain for it.

I come from a professional sales background as well. And much of what I learned has helped me greatly. However, I found out and today firmly believe,that it doesn’t matter how good we are at something that counts. It is doing something that makes a difference…even if it’s small, and then showing others how to do it, teach it, and teach others to teach it. This is how you can leverage you experience and knowledge and compound the results, exponentially.

Dear Uncle Russ:

What do you say when someone asks you a “stupid” question that almost sounds like a “set-up?”

For instance: Does this business cost anything? Does this product REALLY work? Will it do “this?” Can I make money at this? These types of questions, some of the answers being so obvious, sound like they are just looking for a clever way to say “no.” Help!

Lost in the Dakotas

Dear “Lost:”

A wise man once said: “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!” I understand your trepidation as some of the answers to these questions would make one an idiot or a fraud, depending on the obvious answer. Enter a response known simply as “a sharp angle.” This is where you listen carefully to what they said and then you professionally give it back to them, attached to a commitment. For instance: “Will this product help me: lose weight/improve my mental acuity or memory/ help my child rest and go to sleep easier?” 

Your reply: “IF IT DID/Does, you’d want to try some right away, wouldn’t you?”

“Will I be able to earn $10,000 a month if I create a project, as you say, and commit to focusing for 1 year?”  Your reply: “If you COULD, when would be the best time to get started?”

First rule: Don’t be intimidated. Relax. Be present . Listen to their question and the opening for a “sharp angle.”

Love, Uncle Russ…

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Russ DeVan
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