TNMM January 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

How do I tell my product “story” without sounding like I’m selling?

_____MJ Murray – Oakley, CA

Dear “MJ:”

You make “your story” their idea! Think about it. Your story came from having a result with a product that handled a certain concern or complaint you had, right? Then you tried something and got a fantastic result. NOW, instead of looking for people to talk to exuberantly about your experience, LISTEN for the same complaint or concern that you originally had. When you hear it come up in conversation, and rest assured it WILL if you are listening, resist the urge to “pounce” on it with a solution. Instead, ask them what are they doing about it. If they aren’t doing anything that works, or even better,  they don’t know what to do. ASK them if they would like to hear how you solved the problem when it happened to you.

NOW it becomes THEIR idea to ask!  There is NO substitute, imo, for the conviction and credibility that comes from a personal experience. Works like a charm!

How do I talk about the business without creating a negative impression?

______ Billie the Kid – Austin, TX

Dear “Billie:”

Try not to think of a pink elephant. Now: How did that work? It didn’t work, right? Old “pinky” showed up immediately? Why? Because YOU put him there! We are so terrified that someone is going to say; “Is this Network Marketing, MLM, or a pyramid?” that we do, say, or act exactly like what they heard before when they had “a negative impression. 

So here’s how to handle it.

#1 Remember “Russ’ Law” – A closed mouth gathers no feet! 

#2 Stopping using words and phrases like: “I joined…became involved in…signed up for…etc.” These are dead giveaways, you have an MLM strategy for success. 

#3 Know what you are building; who it includes; what it provides; and why someone would want to be a part of what you are creating! 

People are drawn to confidence and clarity of vision. Uncertainty and self-doubt are like quicksand: Once you’re in, it’s tough to get out. Avoid the “Swamp” altogether by taking the already “paved path” that you’re familiar with! 

How do you respond when people say; “I don’t have the time?”

___ Chasing A White Rabbit – Coeur D Alene, ID

Dear “Chasing:”

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Russ DeVan
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